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Celebrations Discuss BamaJenn's 1st Anniversary as a Mommy in the General Discussions forums; I just have to share this... on Thursday, March 29th my son will be 1 year old! I can't believe it. Has it really been a year already? It's crazy, ...
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    BamaJenn's 1st Anniversary as a Mommy

    I just have to share this... on Thursday, March 29th my son will be 1 year old! I can't believe it. Has it really been a year already? It's crazy, it doesn't seem like it could possibly be that long ago. We're giving him his own chocolate cake to devour on Thursday and having a huge party for him on Saturday with lots of mommy's friend's and their children. Anyway! Everyone send some virtual cupcakes his way!!
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    Congratulations Mommy! You think the first year went fast....just wait! Next stop...terrible two's!

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    Congrats!!! We are in the process of adopting but it is hard cuz we are a little older. They are only considering it because I am home full time and Amy has a great job. It also helps that we have way more house than we need, we got a great deal on a beautiful old home in Hyde Park with the wide porches and whatnot, it is a great neighborhood in Tampa with great schools, although we will probably homeschool. But anyway Congrats again!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats!!! Just wait until he becomes a teenager or a mouthy 9 year old who about to get killed. Oh wait you didnt want to hear about my two terrors enjoy him now this is a fun time with more to come.


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    If you think the 1st birthday is great, wait till he gets old enough to whip out his own Amercian Express card to pay for your dinner! THAT'S a real milestone!
    Happy Almost Birthday to the baby!
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

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    Congrats!!!!! Its goes really fast! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!!!

    Have a Magical Day! Sharon

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