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Celebrations Discuss BIRTHDAYS: February 26 in the General Discussions forums; The Mods and Staff at wish Cinderella2...
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    BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    The Mods and Staff at



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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    Happy birthday bff!


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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    Happy Birthday!
    And Many More!! On Channel Four!

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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    Happy birthday to one of the sweetest kindest prettyfullest most sparkly and most deserving princesses that I know! Its been quite a year...but this next one is yours! Much love and many happy returns!
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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26


    Have a great day. Wish we could spend it all together in our favourite place!........WDW of course!XOXOX

    x Joan x
    8 Vacations to WDW between 1989 and 2010 & 2 Trips to DLP

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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    happy birthday to a wonderful sista, auntie and best friend

    see you in about 230 days to party on the beach!!!
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    Re: BIRTHDAYS: February 26

    Have a good one, Ker!
    "The society that draws too great of a distinction between its scholars and its warriors will end up having its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." --probably Thucydides

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