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Celebrations Discuss BIRTHDAYS - October 14 in the General Discussions forums; mikec2006, hikaru-chan Hope it's a magical birthday! The Mods and Staff at Disney World Trivia .com!...
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    BIRTHDAYS - October 14

    mikec2006, hikaru-chan

    Hope it's a magical birthday!

    The Mods and Staff at!

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    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Have a great one!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Happy Bday members! and a special HAPPY BDAY To my DD who turns 21 today.

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    Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful day...

    Happy 17th Birthday to you Amanda Pie..
    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday hon.
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    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear mikec2006 & hikaru-chan!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Hope you had a great one!
    Enjoy your cake and ice cream!
    ~Bobby Jack

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