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Celebrations Discuss A promotion in the mist of adversement in the General Discussions forums; Yes, I am starting my own thread. How else would y'all know? Today I am starting a new job same company however. I am actually working for my old boss ...
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    Right here!!!

    A promotion in the mist of adversement

    Yes, I am starting my own thread. How else would y'all know?
    Today I am starting a new job same company however.
    I am actually working for my old boss in a new function.
    I skipped an entire level to this position (means I have to take extra training).
    But it is a promotion, and that means more $$$.

    I am hoping that this will be a good move for me with the state of our company right now. Won't know for awhile there. Still in limbo with all that.
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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    GOOD LUCK!!! Its always so invigorating to start a new job. And with all those extra dollars, more trips to the world!

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    Congrats on the promotion! Good luck with everything!

    (See, I said congrats, it's not about me ALL the time....)

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    Congrats Lara!!!

    Good Luck with your classes.

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    Congratulations Lara! Does this mean you still have to order lunch for everybody else...or will there be someone doing that for you now???

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    Best of luck to you, hope you like the new job and the old boss!!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Good luck!!
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    I am still a proud pod person
    Keep on babbeling

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    Way to Go!!! Proud of you! What fun---TRAINING!

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