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Coupons and Discounts Discuss September discounts in the Money Saving Tips / Budgeting forums; sure that'll be great - I'll pm you my address...
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    sure that'll be great - I'll pm you my address

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    any current discount codes?

    Just wondering if anyone has any new or current discount codes they know of, and are willing to share. I am just starting to shop around for hopefully a trip during the big celebration starting in May.....
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Planning on purchasing AP's for the first time this year and wanted to know if anybody has heard anything about codes being posted for late June stay? it customary for someone within the DisneyTrivia community to post those codes as soon as they become available??? Just want to know what I am up against. Plan on making the reservation anyways, but want to take advantage of any savings I can get my hands on! :$$:

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    When I ordered my AP this week, they told me the discounts were only out through mid April so far. You can make ther reservations now, and if a discount comes out call them and they will apply it if it is available.
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    what if you already have gotten a discount and find a better one will they give you the better price??

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    The May-July discounts are now available (go to our News page for more information and the codes) and they can and will apply them to an existing reservation!
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