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Thanks Cinderella2!! I think i may have to get the dining package since i'm going in the middle/end of june! But i've never been there before, so i don't know what to expect. Better not take any chances right?
You will probably want to get the Fantasmic dinner package if you are going in June. We went in June once in our lives and that was once too many. You never know, though. (I'm a big baby and hate to melt). There are sometimes 2 shows a night, especially in summer. You have a good chance of getting a good seat if you wait until the last show. Definitely do not miss Fantasmic! I tried taking pics but it is so dark, they didn't turn out very well. I bet Don has a bunch of really good ones, though.
If you can take something soft to sit on, it is a good idea. They are yucky silver bleacher seats with no backs on them- really like all the seats for all the outdoor shows. Check allears.net when it gets closer to your trip time and you will be able to find times for all of the events. Have fun!