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Dining Discuss Mickey Backyard BBQ Questions in the Vacation Planning forums; On my families next trip in May we are doing Mickey's Backyard BBQ. Has anyone ever done this and if so what do you think? I had never heard of ...
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    Question Mickey Backyard BBQ Questions

    On my families next trip in May we are doing Mickey's Backyard BBQ. Has anyone ever done this and if so what do you think? I had never heard of it and when I saw it online I had to try it. If you have done it how is the food? Is the show any good, and do you have any suggestions? We have done Hoop de Doo like 5 times and loved so we figured it was time for a change hope this is good.
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    i was reading about it on allears i think and people said it was croweded.. and to get there early to get the best seat
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    We did 2 years ago - the food was good...chicken,ribs picnic food, ice tea, lemonade, beer, pop (soda). The show was really good (i like country music and line dancing) It was not to crowded in my opion we had alot of fun with the characters dancing

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    I"m looking for pictures and for someone to do a review for my site for Mickey's Backyard BBQ. Anyone have any or is interested, email me!

    Thanks and I hope you have a great time!

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    OMG, you definately have to go to Mickey's Backyard BBQ. I went last trip for my birthday and it was fun and awesome. Its not that crowded,but its good to go early. Its at Fort Wilderness Campground by the old RC. The buffet was great chicken,ribs,salad,watermelon,baked potatoes,corn on the cob and more. Plus they have frezzers filled with an unlimited free supply of Mickey bars and itzakadoozies. The show was great! It had a lassoer,band, Mickey and the gang, and i guy who teaches you some country dance steps. I have some pictures and i'll try to see if I can post them.

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    We only went once a couple years ago so things may have changed.

    We thought the idea was nice and the band was great. We were hoping that the kids would be able to dance with the characters. Instead, as soon as the characters came onto the dance floor everyone just lined up for pictures and autographs. There was no room to dance. It really spoiled the event for us.

    Also, we are vegetarians and there was very little that we could eat. But we had gone for the experience and not the food.


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    We had the same mindset as you, Maestr034 when we went last year in August. We've literally probably seen Hoop-De-Doo 15 or 20 times, so we wanted to try something different. I have a 4 year old sister (she was then 3), and we were thinking she would really enjoy it. My family has a new and better name for it: Mickey's Country Chaos. It isn't much of a show, but rather a 2 hour fiasco. The majority of the time the characters are out on the dance floor with a country band playing. The kids are welcome to dance, which is mainly what the show is: Characters dancing with the kids. My sister, along with other kids, had trouble getting the characters to dance with her and just got bowled over by the other kids trying to dance. There is one cool part with a cowboy who comes out with a lasso, but that's about the only part that is considered a "show" by my book. I relate it to the "goofy's Country Dancin' Jamboree" that played at the Diamond Horseshoe for a few months, or the dance floors they have at the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Pirate/Princess Party. It's just a bunch of kids tackling other kids for their chance to dance with a character. As for the food, the ribs are delicious, along with the grilled hot dogs and burgers; but i wouldn't spend as much as it costs just for the food.

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