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Dining Discuss God I Love Free Food! in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by Chrissy&Tayen and i'm thinking of getting a fridge in our room for my daughters milk.. is there a way to get a free one? We found that ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissy&Tayen View Post

    and i'm thinking of getting a fridge in our room for my daughters milk.. is there a way to get a free one?
    We found that if we bought milk on the way back to the room at night, then filled the ice bucket 1/4 full, put the milk in and then covered it with ice the rest of the way (with the lid on), the milk would still be very cold the next morning.

    Free food, here too! I was on hold 90 minutes the morning of the 12th before getting to the wonderful CM who booked my free dining trip!
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    You are lucky you got thru when you did MRP. The computer system went down around 10;30 for about 2 hours.. Poor CRO ppl. On another board a woman said she was on hold for an hour and 1/2 and it crashed when she finally got thru...EEEK! Apparantly the CM took her info and called her back. Cool of them, but geez can you imagine having to do that all that afternoon. YEESH! I only had to wait 40 minutes and was done in like 5 and GOOD OLE CHESTER was doing 3 at once. (friend had 2 rooms to add to and was here at the time) You Rock Chester!
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    i booked mine thru AAA and i asked her when i did it that i had heard that they were going to do the free dinning.. and she told me if dates fell when i was going she could fix that.. so i believe i will book for around these dates for this year next and hopefully they'll do the free food again and i can get in on it.. did that make any sense???
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