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Dining Discuss Chef Mickey vs Ohana (Breakfast) in the Vacation Planning forums; So the thing is I'm going to WDW for my birthday in December and want to do something nice. Last time I went me and my girlfriend had breakfast at ...
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    Question Chef Mickey vs Ohana (Breakfast)

    So the thing is I'm going to WDW for my birthday in December and want to do something nice. Last time I went me and my girlfriend had breakfast at Ohana. It was GREAT it was very magical and serves was great. But I remember having breakfast at Chef Mickey when I was 7 and it being great too. I'm just scared that now that I am 18 its not going to be as fun. Its just me and my girlfriend again so I don't know what to do. Also we're doing the meal plan if that matters. Any recommendations? Any will truly be appreciated.

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    My family and I have eaten at Chef Mickey’s on serveral trips and this year we decided to eat at Ohana. Our experience with service was very good just like yours but we missed the buffet at Chef Mickey’s since Ohana is “Family Style”. We like the varitery of food that Chef Mickey’s has so we will be going back to Chef Mickey’s on our next trip.

    Plus we missed Chip and Dale !!

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    Haven't been to O'hana's for breakfast yet. But as an adult, I really enjoy Chef Mickeys!!
    The food is really good.
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    Yeah I like Ohana for the atmosphere but Chefs for the food

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    I'd go with Chef Mickey's, as well (with a name like "O'Hana's," I for one can't imagine corned beef and cabbage for breakfast--not while I'm on vacation anyway, and the thought of a pint of Guinness before noon is kinda unsettling).
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    I would say Chef Mickey's as well. the atmosphere is fantastic and they really make the experience fun.

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    i havent done ohana's.. but we did chef mickey for my daughters bday and it was awesome.. i have diecded its a must do at every trip for our family!
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    We have eaten at Ohanas but only for dinner, so I would say Chef Mickey's. You can never go wrong there.

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    Hey, there's a lot of adults who enjoy Chef Mickey's. It makes me feel like a kid again because you can have brownies with breakfast!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnie_Mouse007 View Post
    ...... brownies with breakfast!
    Ok I'm booked. I was leaning on chef mickey but minnie gave me the extra push. I can't wait to relive one of my favorite childhood memories.

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    I've always wanted to try Chef Mickey's. I've been to 'Ohana for dinner and didn't like it, although I love the Poly's atmosphere.

    Sounds like you made a good choice...I hope you and your GF enjoy it!
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    Last year my group of 6 adults and 2 service dogs ate at 'Ohana and LOVED it..BUT...we also love Chef Mickey...That's a hard call on that one!!

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    We have done both and I would pick Chef Mickeys. A really big choice on the buffet and brighter happier surroundings. You can have fun with the characters at both and We are both older young adults and We still loved it. LOL
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