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Dining Discuss Upgraded Disney Dining Experience Process & New Tip Policy at WDW in the Vacation Planning forums; I just received the email below. It sounds like everyone will be forced to tip 18% on all meals regardless of DDP, DDE, or cash. Is that what everyone else ...
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    Upgraded Disney Dining Experience Process & New Tip Policy at WDW

    I just received the email below. It sounds like everyone will be forced to tip 18% on all meals regardless of DDP, DDE, or cash. Is that what everyone else reads? I guess thet are doing this because they pulled tips out of DDP???

    They won't care as they get their 18% no matter what. I always beleived tipping was tipping and not a service charge or VAT(Vatue added tax)!

    Greetings from the Disney Dining Experience Team!

    As 2008 quickly approaches, you will begin to see some exciting new developments for the Disney Dining Experience Membership Program. You asked and we listened! Effective November 11, 2007, you will no longer have to wait 3  6 weeks to receive your permanent membership card(s).

    Guest Relations locations at Epcot., MAGIC KINGDOM. Park, DISNEYS ANIMAL KINGDOM. Theme Park, Disney-MGM Studios, DOWNTOWN DISNEY. West Side, and DOWNTOWN DISNEY. Marketplace will now be able to print permanent Disney Dining Experience membership cards for immediate use. This service is designed for existing and new members. Cards produced at the Guest Relations locations will be printed on paper stock similar to the annual pass tickets.
    The Disney Dining Experience office will still be available to take applications for current and new members, via the phone, fax or mail for those who do not want to take advantage of the in-park service. Membership cards ordered through the Disney Dining Experience office will be received within 2 - 3 weeks of purchase.

    All Guests who have ordered their Disney Dining Experience membership cards prior to November 11, 2007 date will have to pickup their temporary cards at the main entrance Epcot. Guest Relations. Your permanent card will be sent through the mail and arrive in 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase.

    We would also like to inform you that the Walt Disney World. Resort will be implementing an across property policy change regarding gratuity at all food and beverage locations. Effective January 1, 2008, 18% gratuity will be added to all transactions, regardless of party size. Thank you for your continued support.

    The Disney Dining Experience Team
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    So in other words....

    Those of us who normally leave more than 20% probably aren't going to figure out the 2+%: and therefore, the servers will get less.

    People on DDP will be getting a bill just for their gratuity.

    A party of 2 will now be treated like parties of 8+ more.

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    Dyou think ddp will be just like dde? That is kind of crummy. Amanda, did you get the dining plan when you made your reservation? I am going to look and see what my info says.
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    Well that is just ****.... I mean what if you have a really bad server and you do not feel that they deserve 18%?? I had one woman for a dinner at the Spirit of Aloha and she was less than plessant but since the dinner was already paid for us we did not have to pay her. But 18% for someone that does not do their job professionally is just bad. I mean I always tip at least 15% no matter where I am. It is a rare occassion that I tip less than that. But to require 2 people to tip the same as a large party is just bad! This may affect my Dining the next time I am in Disney.
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    let me rephase things....the dining experience card will not be beneficial for us. but you would have to eat TS for every meal to break even.
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    Hopefully the CMs will get all the tips.
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    Vix, I am glad you are helping to clarify. I am going to have to save more change just for the tips! I cleaned out my purse yesterday on my sister's kitchen counter. I have been saving my change and just chucking it in there. She said, "Um. You have a problem. There is over $11.00 here in just quarters." I politely reminded her I was doing that on purpose. Now it is in a plastic baggy and not weighing me down.

    I usually leave 2 pennies for a really bad person. Like leaving my 2 cents- because they stunk. Otherwise my DH gets annoyed because I tip fairly well most of the time. It was so great last year having all of this included. Oh, well. Everything good always changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vixen101485 View Post
    I think the 18% required is just for the DDE and not the DDP I am glad you posted this cause it reminded me I wanted to call them and ask about this. Since their is no tipping at CS I think we will skip the DDE and just go ahead and eat fewer TS. The DDE is not good for CS in the parks and I dont want to eat tons of sit downs just to break even on the card. The 20% you save per meal doesnt save you anyting but the tip cost plus... big wow...2% Not worth the 65 bucks to us to buy it.
    Your math is flawed. You are saving more than 2%.

    Let's say I go to Artist Point and spend $250 without the DDE. I add on an 18% tip and spend $295.

    I spend $65 on the DDE and have the same meal - they add the tip off the $250, but subtract the 20% DDE discount. I now spend $245 on our meal. I've still saved $50 on a single meal.

    Do that over the course of a vacation, and the DDE can more than pay for itself! It's still a great deal.
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