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Dining Discuss Disney Dining Experience AND Disney Dining Plan in the Vacation Planning forums; In 2008, I'll be returning to WDW in for a couple of short trips and then in September for 10 days, rounding out the year at MouseFest '08. For our ...
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    Disney Dining Experience AND Disney Dining Plan

    In 2008, I'll be returning to WDW in for a couple of short trips and then in September for 10 days, rounding out the year at MouseFest '08.

    For our September trip, we are staying at Pop Century and will have the Disney Dining Plan (bounceback Free Dining). I'm also an Annual Pass holder and am thinking about getting the DDE for a discount on those things not covered under the DDP.

    Can I do this - pay for the main portion of the meal using the DDP AND get a 20% discount on things like appetizers and alcohol? Since the DDE has an automatic 18% gratuity added, will they split the bill out and charge me 18% only on the DDE portion of the tab. Or, will they add 18% to the entire bill?
    I'm trying to figure out if it's really worth it for me or not.

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    I believe that you might be able to do this, if you get a separate bill for the alcohol/appetizers, but you would have to tell the server before ordering and hope that they remember.

    Question is, can you save enough to make the $65 cost of the DDE card worthwhile this way? You need to spend $325 (before gratuity) in appetizers/alcohol to save that $65. If you can use it for your meals during the other trips, then it may very well be worth the cost.

    Not all restaurants accept the DDE, so take that into consideration, too.
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    I think for the DDE it mostly boils down to a couple factors: Will you be dining with large groups of people? Do you usually drink alcohol? Do you valet park? Are you planning to go to Victoria and Alberts?

    Those are where I found the majority of the savings occurs. On the negative side, if you usually tip less than 18%, then the discount is functionally reduced by that difference. Additionally, the AP will give you 10% discounts on a lot of table service restaurants at weekday lunch, so that also reduces the additional DDE discount at those meals. I did the same thing last year, where I got the DDE but also went for the free dining in September. I didn't use it at all for the free dining trip, so I can't speak as to whether they'll apply the discount to extras, but the other 3 trips probably yielded an overall savings, particularly since we went to V&A.

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