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Dining Discuss Disney Buffets in the Vacation Planning forums; We finially have our Polynesian reservations for next summer. Our travel agent told us we could start making dining reservations at the beginning of next month. When we booked this ...
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    Disney Buffets

    We finially have our Polynesian reservations for next summer. Our travel agent told us we could start making dining reservations at the beginning of next month. When we booked this trip, I made a list of restaurants that we have never eaten at or haven't eaten at in a long time. Many of these places were buffets, including Ohanas where we've never eaten, and Chef Mickey's, which the last time we ate there was when it was still located at Downtown Disney. We need to start thinking about where we want to eat for sure. We were talking about it yesterday over dinner, and my mother made a comment to my adoptive sister that she needs to make sure she eats the food at the buffet. She more or less had a fit and said she's not going to eat herself sick.

    Now, my adoptiver sister is sixteen. Last year we went over to stay at one of the hotels and we scheduled a dinner at the Cape May Cafe. My sister did nothing but pitch a fit about the food even though she'd eaten at this restaurant a few years before and said she liked it. While we were there she ate four chicken strips from the childs' counter and a cookie and said she was full and wouldn't eat anymore. We've experienced similar expeirences at other Disney buffets and at buffets near home. My mother and I would really like to go back and eat at some of these places like Chef Mickey's but we're really hesitant on spending almost $30 a pop on someone that will probably only eat $5-$10 worth of food. Sit-down dining has been somewhat of a problem as well, as she usually doesn't eat all of what she gets and it ends up getting thrown away.

    Any suggestions? Will Disney let us get her in as a child for a lower price on the dinner since she just doesn't eat? Can she eat before hand at a counter service or something and then go with us to the buffet but not have us get charged since she won't be eating? Or should we just take Chef Mickeys, Ohanas, 1900 Park Fare and Bomas off of our restaurants list? What about sit down restaurants?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    'Ohana is not really a buffet, but a meal served "family style" - everyone shares from plates brought to the table, and then they come around with skewers of meat to choose from. If your sister is that picky an eater, I would not recommend Boma. They won't do the child's price for a 16 yr-old, and I'm not sure about not charging for her.

    How is she on breakfasts? The breakfast buffets may be a better bet - they are cheaper, and most people like the food.

    Best bet may be to sit down with the whole family and go through the menus & restaurant reviews at And also make sure to go when she's really hungry (watch snacking before the meal, don't have two big meals in one day) - it sounds harsh, but even the pickiest of eaters will decide they like the food when they are really hungry. Good luck.
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    I totally can sympathise with you, but in my case, it is my brother-in-law. (and he is 28)On our last Disney trip, I made reservations for the Luau at the Polynesian. When he heard what the food was, he refused to go which in turn changed my mother-in-laws mind. I ended up canceling the reservation and we ate at Chef Mickey's instead. It was perfect for my brother-in-law, he only eats chicken fingers, pizza, french fries and cheeseburgers. I know how annoying it can be to have a picky eater in the family. If I could do over again, I would take my husband and my two children to the luau and let my in laws eat wherever they had wanted to. Good Luck!!!

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    The buffet's are freat in WDW... you may do better w/ breakfasts.
    I my self am a picky eater, so yes a buffet is a good bet.

    Has your family tried The Trails End buffet in Fort Wilderness, it is really good and has soups salads and lots of yummy down home cooking food .. and many desserts (YUMMY)

    Jim and I ususally eat @ Chef Mickey's as they have a great selection.
    And the Crystal Palace in MK has a great charecter buffet as well.

    Good luck traveling w/ the pickey eater!


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    My DD 16, has always ate like a bird. Eats often but small portions and is less than a hundred pounds. I was the same way at her age. Feeding her at WDW was always a waste but fed her we obviously did. Having 16 yr old girls in and out of here daily, most watch what they eat and try not to over consume. Food is one of the things they have control over at that age. The more anyone calls attention to it the more control a 16 has. See what she is doing to you guys already, planning or ruining your meals already???? My suggestion know now your going to bite the bullet and pay for the meals just as you planned to if she cleaned her plate. Don't let it become a fight at each and every meal or it will be ugly. Consider letting her choose a meal a day. Let her skip a meal in a park with you and your Mom and eat what she wants, where she wants while you enjoy a buffet somewhere or a sit down, just the adults. Parks are pretty darn safe and 16 yr. old can use some space as will you guys from her. My guess is she might eat more if nobody gives her any attention at all about her eating habits. No attention, no control. And if she doesn't over eat, not necessarily a horrible thing. I wish I didn't necessarily eat all I ate on the DP my two trips this year! But at
    WDW eat I do. Yum.

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    I sort of agree with Haunted Gabe. We plan for the majority of the people going. With six of us- two adults and four children, we simply can't satisfy everyone. So I let everyone pick one place they want to go. They get to decide then at least one time they are happy. My youngest is the most picky but he was able to find something everywhere. We went for more interactive places like Hoop Dee Doo, Whispering Canyon, 50s PrimeTime and restaurants like similar to that. They had a great time and didn't notice the food really. I would also agree to take Boma off the list. It is not for picky eaters.

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    We always eat breakfast at Chef Mickey's which works for everyone. Last year we also did Ohana's which is more family style, but was good for everyone. We also went out on a wire and tried Boma. It was actually great. DH is pretty picky but found things that he would eat without a problem. If we are doing sit down table service we mostly go with places DH can get a steak, potato, etc. I find most places at WDW have something everyone will like, if they don't you can most of the time ask and they will try to accomodate you. Have fun!!

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