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Dining Discuss Thoughts on Yak and Yeti in the Vacation Planning forums; What are your thoughts on the Yak and Yeti restaurant? We're going this summer and think it sounds interesting....
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    Thoughts on Yak and Yeti

    What are your thoughts on the Yak and Yeti restaurant? We're going this summer and think it sounds interesting.
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    I ate there twice during my January 08 trip, once at the table service section and once at the counter service section. Both were great and the food was really well prepared and tasty. For the most part, you can expect variations on Chinese Food / Asian cuisine. The menu is a little more varied and adventurous in the table service section, but the selections for the counter service are exactly the same as their counterparts inside.

    Overall, a great restaurant that adds a much-needed table service meal to the AK. We got a reservation right at the park closing time for the day, and it was a terrific way to unwind after a long day in the park.

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    We were there the week it opened. The service was over the top. The atmosphere is one of the best I've experienced. It is very large and the window seats are coveted for the views.

    Our food was good. Children's selections at that time in Nov anyhow stunk!
    Hopefully they have fixed that. Even dessert there at the end of the night would be great to just experience the atmosphere.

    The downside to the counter service is it open air with little shade, if it raining there is now where to go...

    Don't forget to visit their special gift shop, it is very different from AK shops.

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    Loved Yak & Yeti! Ate there in December, great drinks, great food and really enjoyed the theming (sp), the service was okay, our poor server was having a tough time but we didn't care, we were on vacation. Since it was a new place, also cut her some slack, you could tell she was still a little frazzled at the newness of it all. It has since become a must for future visits. Yak Attack!

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    We really enjoyed it, the atmosphere/food/service were all good. BTW, the lettuce cups (really wraps)were delish
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    We ate there in Dec. We had reserved seating for the last hour that the park was open. Enjoyed the food. Atmosphere was great. Wouldn't mind going back again.
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    We really enjoyed our visit in December 2007. Love the atmosphere. Definitely enjoyed the Mango Pie for dessert. My entree was pretty good as well, but I wasn't too adventurous with ordering Crispy Honey Chicken.
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    I may try and get a reservation for May... Sounds good!

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    I can't wait to try it in June!
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    I have a very large group that wants to visit the full service restaurant in November. Is the place large enough to accomodate a group of 40? The place sounds great. I saw pictures of the food choices and the portion sizes look perfect, and the food looks delicious!

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    I'd love to try it when we go, but Ann has said no!!

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    Think i'm going to try it in November.


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    I love Yak & Yeti! They've gotten some horrible reviews, but I don't believe them!

    Ive been there once and it was absolutely amazing! It seemed like they are still working out a few issues, but the food was amazing, a good value and price for it, and delicious!
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    I'm looking forward to trying it for the first time in October....Almost every restaurant at Disney has it's fans and it's detractors....I try to ignore the reviews and go and make up my own mind.

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    I am so glad to hear the good reviews. We probably wouldn't even consider trying it, but we decided to go with the dining plan this time and wanted to try something new. So we will be going on April 6th.

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