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Dining Discuss San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion what are your thoughts? in the Vacation Planning forums; San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion what are your thoughts?...
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    San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion what are your thoughts?

    San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion what are your thoughts?

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    We ate there in Dec. before attending the Candlelight Procession. I wouldn't have ordered the cream of corn soup had it not been included in our dinner package, but it was excellent. Actually, everything was very good, but I found it was way too much for me to eat. I don't like real spicy food, and this wasn't. If you like your mexican food hot, it might not be as interesting to you. I don't know why our service wasn't very good that night, but it took forever to be seated and it took a while for our food as well.
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    I think the San Angel Inn is kind of a big miss. The atmosphere is so cool but the food and the service are usually not very good. If it had decent food I would go there every time just to sit in the restaurant. I am not sure if the food is more authentic but it is just no where near as good as the mexican food I have here in Texas. It is also way over priced.
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    he's an old review I did
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    I've always wanted to eat there because of the atmosphere, but the prices seem very high when we look at the menu so we've never tried it.
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    I haven't eaten there in 8 years...but from what I remember the food was decent...not great but certainly not terrible. The atmosphere however is a 10. I went with a young man I was dating at the time and enjoyed a very romantic candle lit dinner in the middle of the day. It's always cool and dark and other worldly - all in all I would recommend it
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    We have eaten there a few time but it is only for the atmosphere. The food is just ok, and the service is just ok. Compared to a "normal" restaurant, I would say it is pretty good. But compared to other Disney restaurants, it is middle of the road.
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    Ate there the first night of our honeymoon. Lovely food and a spectacular atmosphere, even with jetlag!

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    Ate there once. Food is ...ok. The atmosphere is my favorite in all of Epcot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJMcb View Post
    he's an old review I did
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    I just read your review and heartily agree with your margarita observation.

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    I ate there on my most recent trip and I loved it. I eat Mexican food a lot, and although this was not the best I've ever had, it was still very good. Our service was also just okay, but the atmosphere and the food definitely make up for that.
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    I felt the food was very mediocre here.
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    I always eat here when I go. Usually, only at lunch time, prices are a bit cheaper for the same thing you would get during the dinner hour. The food is obviously not authentic, but good. The atmosphere is the best Disney offers IMO.
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    I'll just share my opinion. We were very disappointed with San Angel last time we were there. We live in the Southwest so I really wasn't expecting it to be "authentic" mexican food, I knew there would be some difference. I was looking more forward to the ambience and location than anything else. Our problem was it was VERY expensive for a tiny amount of food that was kinda on par with the fast food Taco Cabana, etc. Also, the really annoying thing was that the waiter brought this little tiny glass of soda. Pretty, yes, refreshing, no. I kept asking for another soda over and over again. I mean I just walked a million miles through EPCOT and you want to give me a shot of soda!! Yikes. I will say the ambience was very neat and the inside of the pavillion is very much like a mexican marketplace in the evening (although the merchandise is more expensive than anything you would buy in Mexico ) Have fun no matter what you decide!!

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    Uh-oh! I just made an ADR for San Angel in Oct. Should I cancel or go just once for the experience?

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