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Dining Discuss Refillable Mugs in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by disneydame2004 The Tamu Tamu Refreshment stand menu has refills listed, and the menu is from 10/07. I believe it is still an option, only at Animal Kingdom, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneydame2004 View Post
    The Tamu Tamu Refreshment stand menu has refills listed, and the menu is from 10/07. I believe it is still an option, only at Animal Kingdom, and only with the animal topped sports bottles they sell there.
    Tamu Tamu Refreshments - Animal Kingdom
    That's about what I remember us paying. I know the refill was about a dollar. I only remember it being offered in AK. We bought it at a refreshment stand/cart and not at a restaurant.

    Quote Originally Posted by mritty View Post
    Tigger, I believe I've seen what you're talking about at the Animal Kingdom, specifically at the TuskerHouse. But I don't remember if there was a refill program there - from what I recall, those things with the animals at the top were only advertised as a "souvenir mug". The menu that AllEars has for Flame Tree BBQ lists them as "Animal Topper Sports Bottle" - nothing about refills. Sounds like something they used to offer but haven't for a couple years. A shame too...
    (Flame Tree Barbecue Menu at Animal Kingdom)
    I can take a pic of the top and cup/sports bottle. I'd call it more like a souvenir mug. We bought similar souvenir cups at Sea World that same trip (minus the stuff on the top - just a regular lid/straw). I was hoping that they (Disney) were still offering it. My DH can drink his weight in soda so having the refill option is definitely a nice thing with him around. Definitely will get our money worth by buying him the resort refillable mugs.

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    Following up on this.... Animal Kingdom definitely still has the refillable cups, called "Animal Topper Sports Bottles".

    They sell for $6.79 plus tax, and can be refilled for $0.93 plus tax or as a snack credit on the dining plan.

    This photo was taken on May 4, 2008, at the Safari Coffee cart just as you come over the bridge from the Oasis into Discovery Island.
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    Yes I remember those. I wish they offered them at the other parks, what a great deal.

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    I have probably found the most unusual use for the refillable mugs once you have returned home - my milk cravings! Since I was around 4 months pregnant I have woken up every night at around 3 am craving ice cold milk. For a few weeks I was getting up, going downstairs, getting the milk and going back to bed. Then I thought of the Disney mug. Now I fill it up with milk and ice before I go to bed and it keeps nice and cool till I need it! Saves me getting up and I go straight back to sleep after I've drunk it.

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