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Dining Discuss 'Ohana & Columbia Harbour House in the Vacation Planning forums; The weekly newsletter from has posted two menu changes from two of my favorite dining spots 'Ohana (Poly) and Columbia House (MK). If you wish to read the entire, ...
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    'Ohana & Columbia Harbour House

    The weekly newsletter from has posted two menu changes from two of my favorite dining spots 'Ohana (Poly) and Columbia House (MK).
    If you wish to read the entire, current newsletter you need to register at
    All Ears to receive it.

    Could the DP be the driving force in these changes once again?

    "... from Traci: Just returned from a weekend trip to Orlando. We
    were staying off property at the "other" park area, but still
    had to get a Disney fix, so we had dinner at 'Ohana. Again the
    menu has changed. The potatoes are no more. They are now serving
    a wheat and water pasta, prepared in a pad thai style, but the
    noodles are thick. Not very good in my opinion. The peanut sauce
    has changed, not as thick and now a bit sweeter. The vegetables
    are now just broccoli and snap peas, not stir-fried either. We
    asked the served about the changes and she told us that the
    potatoes are not coming back. We asked why they keep changing
    everything. She says they keep getting new chefs and it is their
    call. I say Disney Dining is the culprit, but who knows. It used
    to be our favorite, but will stay away a while until they figure
    out what they are doing. Acccording to our server they are
    trying to get back to the original menu. We really hope so.


    ... from Scott Dickison and several other readers: Chicken
    strips are no longer served anywhere in the parks. They now have
    chicken nuggets in a 5-piece or 8-piece serving. This happened
    in February.

    In addition, the Columbia Harbour House menu has
    changed.The half sandwich and cup of soup was removed in the
    middle of March and is not coming back. The Starboard Deck
    sandwich was removed yesterday along with the Galley Salad. A
    new harvest salad and turkey sandwich are now offered.."
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    As long as they don't get rid of the clam chowder.
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    In terms of the 'Ohana dinner, I heard positive feedback from a friend that was there a few weeks back. So I guess it depends on one's tastes? We'll be there in August, so I'll find out. I heard the bigger news was that the tiger shrimp (at least the shrimp on the skewers) was back which is supposed to be really good.
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    My children love shrimp and I loved the potatoes. So I guess we will have to try it to find out. Well, the next time they all get to go that is.

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    The shrimps are back! Wahoo! That is great news. I didn't love the ones they served in a dish.

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    Thats too bad bout the half sandwich half salad was awfully tasty
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