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Dining Discuss Fantasmic! dinner and a show? in the Vacation Planning forums; can someone who has tried this tell me how it was??? we are thinking of eating at the brown derby and doing the dinner and a show thing with fantasmic! ...
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    Fantasmic! dinner and a show?

    can someone who has tried this tell me how it was??? we are thinking of eating at the brown derby and doing the dinner and a show thing with fantasmic! could someone help me decide if its worth it? We have the meal plan so expense of the meal really isnt an issue
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    We've done a "dinner and a show" several times, but I don't think we've done it for Fantasmic. It is a great way to have dinner and have reserved seating for a show. You usually eat dinner at the earliest seating times in order to make your show, but with Fantasmic, you may not be as rushed to eat and get out as we were for the Candlelight Procession last December. I give a thumbs up!
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    I used the Fantasmic! dinner package two years ago. We ate at the Brown Derby around 4:30 (get there earlier than 15 min cause we waited about 45!) then had time to walk around MGM (now HS) a bit before going to the separate Fantasmic! enterance. While everyone else waited in line, we sat and relaxed. I would highly recommend doing it. I'm going back in September and we are using 2 of our dining credits to do it again.

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    we did the dinner and a show for fantasmic last year and it worked out nicely!! much less rushing the crowd to get to your seat and it was very helpful with my handicapped grandfather! pushing through that person to person fantasmic line with a wheel chair is a nightmare that mickey himself wouldnt want to tackle lol!
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    I've done this, and it is good for the reasons mentioned above.
    However, a note, the reserved seating is in the extreme right-most sections of the theater. It's still a clear view, but it is to the side.

    The walk to the theater through the 'dinner package' entrance is long and through part of a backstage area. Leave plenty of time for slower walkers.

    For more info on the Fantasmic Dinner Package, check out AllEars.Net: Fantasmic Dinner Package FAQ
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    Last week, we ate at Hollywood and Vine for dinner. We did not have the Fantasmic! Dinner Package. However, our waitress was kind enough to give us a ticket that another patron had decided not to use for the show. Previously, when I had used the Fantasmic! Dinner Package, I had entered the arena through the "reserved" entrance. This time, on a whim, we used the "regular" entrance. If you go to the right when you enter the arena, and walk down a bit, you will come to a rope barrier that is attended by a CM. The CM will ask you for your show ticket, and let you through. I guess the whole point of my story, is that you can enter through the "regular" entrance and still get to the "reserved" seats, and the walk to the "regular" section is shorter! Ta da!

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    We did this option a couple of years ago, and haven't done it since. You are required to have a 3 course meal at a certain time and especially at the brown derby, it got fairly expensive for the three of us. Then, you have to sit on the right side. I would recommend if you want to eat at the brown derby, go eat at the brown derby and not sign up for the Fantasmic dinner and show, line up about an hour early before show time, sit in the middle, and have a great time!

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    I was wondering about this also only I probably would not have the meal plan, so would it still be worth it
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