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    What dining experience would you create for WDW?

    One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the variety & quality in food options. You have everything from your standard hot dogs and fries up to Four Diamond Restaurants. Many people who are first time visitors to Walt Disney World do not realize that you could simply make a trip to Disney just to indulge in the unique dining options.

    Now with all the different types of dining experiences available at Disney, what would I add? I have two daughters under 11, so they are just about out of the Character Meal phase, but for the past several years, they cannot get enough of these dining experiences. If you are unfamiliar with character meals, simply put most are buffet style eating where various Disney characters will come around to your table and interact with you for a minute or two. Most often it is to sign an autograph book, or just a picture. I have seen characters dance and play with guests during slower times. Kids of all ages love these types of meals, as it is a unique way to get up close and personal with characters that you not otherwise be able to see so close.

    So what experience would I create? I noticed that there are very few character meals geared toward boys. The girls have Cinderella‟s Royal Table, Princess Breakfast at Akershus, 1900 Park Fare, etc… Sure places like Chef Mickey‟s and Crystal Palace have characters that are both enjoyed by boys and girls, but I thought about something a bit more geared toward boys.

    My initial thought was a Pirates of the Caribbean themed character meal, but that could scare some younger children. Then something clicked….why recreate the wheel here. Disney has just unveiled Toy Story Mania in WDW and Disneyland and are planning on Toy Story 3 in a few years, so why not use that theme. I know at WDW they already have Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios, with a Toy Story theme. So instead of doing something from scratch, why couldn‟t Disney close down Pizza Planet, and open it up as a Pizza, Pasta, and Salad Toy Story Character themed buffet? I know this isn‟t simply geared toward boys, but it is more so than a Princess breakfast. Most cities have pizza, pasta, and salad type buffets, and WDW doesn‟t. To me I think it would be one of the more popular choices in WDW and something that Disney should look into. What do you think about this idea?
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    I'll tell ya what I think would be a blast if they could find a way to do it someway... a dining experience that is combo'd with a ride. Sort of like if they combined El Rio with the restaurant inside the pavilion. Something where your table is on a little boat or ride car or something.
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    That's a great idea Jenn. I would just love to see them revamp some of what they have. I don't understand why they can't have a really good reasonably priced Italian restaurant in WDW. I would love to see them do a make over for Tony's. Theme it more towards the movie and better food and retrain the servers to lose the attitude. Sorry, it's just a pet peeve of mine. As far as a new theme, maybe something in Tomorrowland for a sit down meal with an outer space feel and very futuristic.
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    I would still like to see some type of Pirate dining experience. And I do agree that it could be scary for some younger boys but that is something that can be taken care of easily. You could even make it a buffet where the characters aren't walking around but could just be on a stage and you line up for a photo op with them. Heck, get in line as many times as you want. You could even bring Peter Pan and Hook into it too.

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