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Dining Discuss Sweet Tea at Restaurants in the Vacation Planning forums; anyone tried the sweet tea available at some restaurants?...
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    Sweet Tea at Restaurants

    anyone tried the sweet tea available at some restaurants?
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    I LOVE the sweet tea, I have no clue what they put in it but it must be something that they use everywhere like on there cruises and in the parks. Their sweet tea is THE best and I look forward to it every time I go!
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    Splenda was available at every location. Tea is properly made, but I don't think any of it came pre sweetened. Probably due to the large national and international visitor count-most folks don't like "southern style" sweet tea.
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    Where can you get sweet tea? I don't remember ever seeing it anywhere. I do not like to sweeten it after it's made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellpooh View Post
    anyone tried the sweet tea available at some restaurants? My DB is a true southerner who loves it, but only if it's made "right" (as he says) and with Splenda

    Tea with splenda...just like grandma used to make! Nothin' like home-made goodness and a splash of new-fangled carcinogens! Mmmmmm!

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    Ewwww!!! Splenda in tea! Yuck!

    True southern sweet tea has real sugar and has the consistency of motor oil. What's sad is that's not that farly streched.

    I'm pretty sure that the last time I ate at the Garden Grill, I had sweet tea but it was sweetened with sugar not splenda. You could ask the CM when you make your ADR's. I'm sure they would know for sure.

    P.S. has tea under all of the menus that I've seen. But it doesn't say whether or not it's sweet or not.

    Here's a link... Walt Disney World Dining Menus Information
    In the top left corner, there are links to the restaurant's menus.
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