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Dining Discuss Midwest tastes - Will I survive eating in France? in the Vacation Planning forums; So, the planning process has begun. Yes I know, we're still 346 days out, but who doesn't love thinking about where you'll eat. Anyway, my daughter seems to have a ...
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    Cool Midwest tastes - Will I survive eating in France?

    So, the planning process has begun. Yes I know, we're still 346 days out, but who doesn't love thinking about where you'll eat.

    Anyway, my daughter seems to have a goal of eating in France. I've looked at the online menu for Chefs De France and I have to say, I'm not totally sold.

    So my question to you folks is, will I survive. I'm not opposed to trying differnt foods, and am quite fond of a variety of food types. But I'm just not that impressed with what I see. So what are you impressions of the food in France, whether at Chefs De France or any other choices. What do you like, what do you not like?

    I do like french fries, french toast, french vanilla, french onion soup, french dressing, :crazy:
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    We ate there back in February for the first time and I wasn't overwhelmed with the entree I had. I had the lamb. It didn't have the best taste in the world- pretty bland. My wife also wasn't that impressed with her food.

    Try and convince her to eat at Boma over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I know it's not France or in Epcot, but the food is outstanding and it's worth the ride over. It's a buffet with plenty of good choices for a midwestern appetite. I'm in Cincy, so I'm quite familiar with meat and potatoes.
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    Why not go for lunch, the menu looks pretty mild for lunch, you could get a salad and a hamburger or soup and not to mention you'll be paying about half the price. Your daughter could say she went to Chefs De France and you can eat something that hopefully will agree with you!
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    I had the duck last time I was there and it was Great and so was the creme brulee
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    I don't remember being impressed with Chefs de France. That could be the reason we have never returned or tried the Bistro upstairs.

    I have liked the goodies at the bakery, the Grand Marnier slushies, and the offerings in the Food and Wine Booth during the Festival.
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    We have eaten at both French restaurants, Chef de France and Bistro de Paris (upstairs), and have enjoyed both. Bistro de Paris is very formal dining, and we did the whole bottle of wine with dinner thing. We had a great view overlooking the Lagoon. Chef de France is probably our favorite restaurant. We eat there ate least once every time we go to WDW. We have had lunch and dinner there and really liked both. I tried escargot for the first time and found that I really liked it. My husband is pretty much a meat/chicken and potatoes guy, but he likes Chef de France as much as I do.
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    Oh, I think you will do just fine at Chefs de France.

    My absolute favorite are the short ribs.
    I, too, tried escargot for the first time here- and now I get it every time we visit- it helps that I love garlic butter! (mmmm)

    At lunch, you can get the French Onion Soup, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and creme brulee- The French Menu is what they call it, I believe. Very tame and familiar foods.

    At dinner The French Menu is the onion soup, rotisserie chicken and creme brulee- Also very safe.

    But feel free to try something a "tad" more adventurous. Nothing on the menu is all that different from American foods- just read the descriptions in English- it's all safe stuff!

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    I also share your mid-western pallate.

    Personally, I'm more of a daredevil when it comes to the WDW food but I have found myself overmatched at a couple of restaurants there.

    The wait staff and servers have been very helpful to me in these situations when I've just said "Hey, I'd like a few suggestions if you please, I'm not familliar with the menu here."

    I have not eaten at Chefs de France, but this has worked well in Jiko and Restaurant Marrakesh where I had no clue what to order. The staff at both restaurants went out of their way to make sure I was happy without exposing me as a total hayseed.

    Whatever the outcome, I'm sure it will be memorable. Just imagine your daughter in another 15 years saying "Remember that time we took Dad to that French restaurant in Disney World?"

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    try Chefs de France

    lunch has a nice mac & cheese

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    I too am a midwesterner and I loved France, but also you might want to check into Canada. Le Cellier is my Epcot favorite. Perfect food, stellar service. Good luck.

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