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Dining Discuss Fun eats for a honeymooning couple? in the Vacation Planning forums; My Fiance and I are going to Disney World on our Honeymoon. Our flight will be getting in around 3 on the sunday we arrive. I was wanting to suprise ...
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    Fun eats for a honeymooning couple?

    My Fiance and I are going to Disney World on our Honeymoon. Our flight will be getting in around 3 on the sunday we arrive. I was wanting to suprise her with something fun on our first night there since we are going to other nicer restraunts during our stay. I was thinking Chef Mickey's. Just to have a good time and get in the WDW spirit. If anyone could help with the pros and cons of dinner there or could offer up something else that would be just as fun. I am not looking for romantic right now. and I heard that the Contemporary is a good place to watch the fire works.

    Thanks so much

    Less than three months now until I am in Disney!!

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    My recommendation would be to buy and wear the Mickey/Minnie groom and bride hats. My wife and I got a lot of interaction from the characters when we did that on our honeymoon. We even got a free piece of cake from the Garden Grill in The Land Pavilion in EPCOT with complementary entertainment from Chip and Dale for the entire time we were there. ...Of course I think that we were the only people there at the time, so that probably helped.

    I don't remember the selection of food at the Comedy Warehouse or the Adventurers Club in Pleasure Island, but they're also fun places to try. (If you want to pay for admission)

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    For what you are looking to do, Chef Mickey's sounds like a good choice. Another might be Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge, or Hoop-de-doo revue. No Disney characters at those, but a fun time.
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    More fun places to go (and my 2 favorite restaurants in WDW) are Rainforest Cafe and 'Ohana. Just a tidbit, RC in DAK takes PSing, but the one in DD does not!

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    I would recommend wearing your bride and groom ears. Also mention on your PS ressies that you are on your honeymoon. I have heard that you will get interaction that way. Also at your resort, have heard of them doing things there too.

    Ohana's, Nacrossee's, Brown and Derby, California Grill, Artist Point--

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    Thanks everyone...those are definately great suggestions...

    I have booked a night at the coral reef, crystal palace one night because my honey loves pooh bear, and then one night at the brown derby for the fantasmic package. I am excited and I know she is too. thanks again. Keep the suggestions coming. By the way everytime I called I would mention my honeymoon.

    Now I just need one more thing for a suprise for her while we are down there. Somthing special. Any suggestions for that would be great. It doesn't have to be dinner. Anything maybe out of the way or a cool place that very few people go. Thanks again

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    I was on my honeymoon last year and we really enjoyed eating at San Angel Inn at Epcot in Mexico, and Japan. Really fun! And they sang to us at Ohana's!
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    Next Trip is December 2010

    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    I completely agree with Jacknife...get the Mickey/Minnie bride and groom ears and wear them EVERYWHERE you go proudly! My Husband and I spent our Honeymoon there 7 years ago and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! Do not be shy and mention that you are Honeymooner's EVERYWHERE you go! Chef Mickey's is definitely a good place to get you in the Disney spirit and the dinner selection for food is quite large and very good as far as buffet's go. Are you staying on Disney property? My Husband and I had a very romantic evening on the beach at the Polynesian one evening watching the fireworks from MK and then the Electric Water Pageant. It is one of my best memories. (They have little cabana's set up on the beaches). One other suggestion that I would have is to maybe ask any of the musicians around the parks to play something special for you. The Barbershop quartet can often be found on Main Street and I'm not sure what the band is called, but we have run into another usually outside of Cinderella's castle before you get into Fantasyland. They are usually dressed in overalls and have wacky Disney hats on. Maybe if you see them out you can excuse yourself to the "bathroom" and request a song to them and bring your bride back to her surprise. Whatever you do while you are there will be fabulous and will leave you with great memories that will last you a lifetime! Congratulations and here's wishing you and your fiance a lifetime of happiness!!!

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    My husband surprised me with a nice package for our honeymoon so we ate at a lot of places. Where are you staying for your honeymoon? We had a boat ride one night that took us around the lake/bay between the Beach Club, Boardwalk, Swan & Dolphin, Disney Studios, and ended at Epcot. We watched Illuminations from the boat with a surprise picnic basket during our trip. It was one of the most memorable nights we had. Also Cirque Du Soleil/La Nouba was a FANTASTIC show and it was FUN!!!!! We had dinner at Fulton's Crab House and then went to see the show. Also for just having Fun, you can do DisneyQuest Interactive Video games and eat anywhere at Downtown Disney. Or go to Pleasure Island and enjoy New Years at midnight.

    I agree with everyone else, wear the Bride and Groom ears EVERYWHERE you go. You will be amazed at how much more magical your honeymoon will be. We also were able to buy Bride and Groom Pins and wore those instead a few times.

    If you want to go over the top, Disney also had a florist that will have flowers in your room when you arrive if you want. My husband also had Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore sign a picture that was left in our room to welcome me. He told me later that he went through the front desk staff to help him with that one.

    Other things we did to preserve our trip was bought the Beach Club watercolor small picture to frame and put in our room at home as a great memory and the cost was minimal. Most of the resorts have these types of pictures.

    Oh....just have fun and enjoy! I still hold those memories close to me heart!
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