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Dining Discuss dining reservations in the Vacation Planning forums; Does anyone else feel the same way? I am an annual pass holder and I also have the Disney Dining Experience. We live in the area and visit the parks ...
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    dining reservations

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

    I am an annual pass holder and I also have the Disney Dining Experience. We live in the area and visit the parks frequently and enjoy going to the restaurants in the parks and the hotels. The problem we are having is that we can never get reservations for the table service restaurants without calling months in advance. Since we live locally, we don't plan where we want to eat 3-6 months ahead of time.

    I would like it if they would offer their annual pass holders or at least dining experience members call ahead seating or something. I don't even mind if I have to wait 2 hours, I just want to be able to eat where I want on the day we choose to go there.

    Anyone else feeling frustrated?

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    I do feel as though the system is flawed, especially for us passholders who are more likely to take improptu trips. However, since the popularity of these restaurants is so high, I don't know how they would fix this. Although it would be nice to reserve some tables for passholders, opening up the ADR window 90 days in advance gives Disney security in knowing that they will, with the exception of a few cancellations, fill their restaurants. And in this economy, it's nice to have that security.

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    We've never really had a problem getting reservations anywhere except at Le Cellier. We have APs..... though we do tend to plan our trips months in advance and pick out where we want to eat. The few times we do make in impromtu trip we've always been able to get a table service somewhere, it may not be what we initially wanted, but we do get one. However, when we go over on the spur of the moment we rarely even attempt table service, we prefer something quick if we don't have multiple days to stay on property. Maybe we've just been lucky?
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    I am not an AP, however, I have to plan on short notice and it is really frustrating to be unable to get reservations for some of the better places. I have never achieved CRT (don't care for the menu anyway, but DD would love it) so I think if they kept a few spots for same day or same week ressies, that would be lovely.
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