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Dining Discuss 50's Prime Time Review in the Vacation Planning forums; We were at Mousefest and were able to eat at the 50's Prime Time for the first time. I have always wanted to go there, but DH is a little ...
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    Thumbs up 50's Prime Time Review

    We were at Mousefest and were able to eat at the 50's Prime Time for the first time. I have always wanted to go there, but DH is a little shy and I wasn't sure he would react real well to the "show" there and might get embarrassed. This trip was a girls trip so we tried it out.

    We had an ADR for 2:30 so a somewhat late lunch which worked out perfect. I almost didn't write the ADR # down but thank goodness I did. I had our TA make the reservation for us so I hadn't actually spoke to anyone. We arrived at the front desk and they didn't have any reservation under my name but she did look up with the ADR# and found that it was for the day before...oops. Not sure who's fault that was (probably mine!) but she said they would take care of us. We waited for about ten minutes before being taken back. The waiting area is so well themed as different living rooms with tvs, couches, shag rugs, etc.

    When they came to get us the gentleman that came to seat us was very in character. He was being somewhat smart alecky and was really funny. He told us we had better do our chores when we sat down. I assumed that meant taking the things from the basket on the table and setting the table with the napkins and silverware. Apparently I was correct because when our waitress came she was very happy we had taken care of that! She awared us of the fact that there was no crying or whining, etc. She was very nice and took our order.

    As we were waiting for our order this little boy two tables over started to cry and the waiter started yelling.."hey hey hey...there's no crying in here" The parents cracked up when they saw the look on the little one's face. He couldn't understand why this man was making such a fuss! The food came quickly. I ordered the fried chicken, mashed potatos, and corn. It was wonderful. Just like Mom would make A family sat down next to us and Grandma got in trouble for putting her elbows on the table. Her grandson thought it was great that she got in trouble instead of him. Then his Dad put his elbows on the table and the son was desperately trying to get him to stop or he knew he would get in trouble too. The grandson and Ihad a wonderful conversation about how many times we had been to Disney, what our favorite ride was, etc. He was a pleasant little boy. While we were chatting the waitress stopped in front of our table and looked through the window behind me and as we watched she yelled at the people at the table behind us telling them she could see them through the window. It was a riot.

    I ordered the Smores for dessert and they were melt in your mouth good. Whatever kind of chocolate they were using was absolutely wonderful! The decor of the restaurant was so fun to look at....vintage tvs, formica was neat to see some knick knacks that had been in my house when I was growing up.

    The experience was was great, and the entertainment was excellent. I don't think that DH would have been that embarrassed as they play along as much as you want to. It's always done in great fun and silliness.

    I would definately make an ADR to eat here again on future visits. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

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    50's Primetime is one of my favorite places to eat simply because of the theming and the 'show' that comes along with dinner. My hubby is always doing things he shouldn't be doing just to see if he'll get in trouble!

    Glad to read that you enjoyed yourself!

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    My whole family loves the 50's Prime Time Dinner, it serves home cooked food like Pot Pies, and Pot Roast with potatoes. Just like Grandmom or Mom makes.
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    We ate there the last time we went to WDW and we loved it! I wished it would have been less crowded though. The living room was very cramped because so many people were either getting drinks at the bar or waiting for their table, so we weren't really able to get the full effect of that, but the dinner was awesome! Our server wasn't as into it as the server at the table next to us, but we were so tired at that point that it seemed like it was more fun to watch than to be in it. I can't wait to go again!

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    Thanks for the reviews! I have never eaten there and I was wanting to make reservations because I think my kids would LOVE it. I'll sure be making reservations ASAP!

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    We love this restaurant. The best time was 12 years ago when we had my parents with us also, the waitress chastised my 70 year old father repeatedly, he'd jerk his head and glare in surprise. It was a riot since my Dad is a practical joker and this time all the jokes were on him, my kids loved it!

    We were there in 2007 just before it went dark for a rehab, the CM's were not in great character and the place really needed some TLC. Thanks for the review, glad it came back full force.

    Now I think I'll make me some pot roast for dinner.

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    I love Prime Time! When i was younger, my dad left the table and when he came back the waitress was pulling him back by his ear! it was really funny and i'll never ever ever forget it. The CMs there are fantastic and so so so funny. The Pot Roast there is to DIE for!
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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the small portion sizes. The food is AWESOME! I got the pot roast, but I felt short changed. We didn't order an appetizer (but should have). Guess they want you to leave room for desert. But when I left their I was still hungry. I guess more people go for the atmosphere and fun, but that day we went it wasn't busy at all, and we walked right in without a reservation at 11:00AM (in Nov '08) I didn't see any of the fun people are talking about here. Just the waitress handed me the silverware and said: Set the Table Dad. From everything I've read, I think we were expecting more, both show and food.
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    I must say I hate the schtick here. The food is OK but I don't like the whole thing myself

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    We went last time and had really good food but our waiter had a lot to be desired. My son kept trying to draw him into anything but he didn't. Then a family left and they had placed their plates on another table. He came over to US and talked about how he couldn't believe they had done that. He then got the manager and showed him the plates. I was really surprised. That had to be the worst experience we have ever had. But I would go back in a heartbeat!

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    We are going for first time this year. I can't wait after reading this!
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    Some of the wait staff really got into their role when we ate there. Ours did not which was a little disappointing. Overall it was o.k.

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    Re: 50's Prime Time Review

    Prime Time rocks. We also eat there when we go as a whole family. I have great memories like the first time my brother did not eat all his veggies our waiter made him get up to the corner and made everyone go shame shame shame brother spanky or the time were my brother and father drank like 3 glasses of pop each and they had to sing and dance the the tea pot song in the hallway by the restrooms and then my brother would not eat his veggies ( again) and our waiter fed them by hand to him. Our last trip our waiter was really nice and had the best corny jokes. All the food there is yummy. They had the best mac and cheese the noodles were shaped like the characters but they do have the best fried chicken and mashed taters. Prime Time has to be one of my favorite restaurants at disney
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    Re: 50's Prime Time Review

    it was fun still not our favorite

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    Re: 50's Prime Time Review

    it was fun one time.

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