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Dining Discuss Favorite World Showcase Restaurant in the Vacation Planning forums; What is your favorite and least favorite restaurant in the WS and why? For our next trip to the world we want to eat at WS every night and want ...
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    Favorite World Showcase Restaurant

    What is your favorite and least favorite restaurant in the WS and why?

    For our next trip to the world we want to eat at WS every night and want to know what to definitely do and to definitely miss.
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    I would say the best restaurant would be Le Cellier in Canada. It is a very tough ADR to get though.

    I did not have a good experience at the Rose & Crown in the UK. Everything was way too greasy and the peas were terrible.

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    I love Le Cellier. I have had good luck at Rose and Crown. I also enjoy Restaurant Marekesh (sp). Teppan Edo was very good. I did not enjoy Biertgarten (not a lot of things I would eat and my family didn't like a lot of the choices either) I also like Nine Dragons back when they had General Tso's chicken.

    I haven't tried Mexico. Being from Texas, I prefer Tex Mex. But I have heard some good things about it though. I have not tried Norway. Again, the choices on the menu don't seem to go with what my family likes. I also have not tried the restaurants at Italy or France.

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    I have never met a WS restaurant that I didn't like, although I have not been to all of them, in fact I think I've only been to about half! Les Chefs de France is the ultimate indulgence in my opinion. Teppan Edo, Mexico, and the Rose and Crown are great restaurants. I can't say I'll ever get to the Marakesh or Nine Dragons. Aukerhaus was absolutely awesome 8 years ago but wasn't so good when they changed it from a full buffet when we went in 2007. I am eagerly looking forward to trying Tutto Italia in a week and Le Cellier in September! Maybe one day I'll get to the high-end French restaurant too.

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    I'd have to say San Angel at this point, mainly because of the atmosphere. There's a few restaurants I have liked better like Le Cellier and what is now Teppan Edo, but I haven't eaten at those in over five years so I don't think it would quite be fair to compare them to other restaurants when they could have changed some in the past few years. Of the ones I've eaten at in the last year though, probably San Angel.
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    The best restaurant, hands down, is Le Cellier. Book early, as the others have said.

    Teppan Edo and Chefs de France are great as well. Nine Dragons is fine, but pretty standard. I like the refurb there, however.

    There are several that I would lump into my "don't need to visit them all that often" category, and they include San Angel Inn (great atmosphere, decent food, horrible service), Akershus (just don't love the food choices), and Rose and Crown (great location for Illuminations, but the food quality has really fallen in the past few years--it's just not reliable anymore).

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    I vote for the San Angel Inn due to the food and the ambience which is second to none

    I like Chefs de France as well, especially for lunch

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    San Angel Inn is my least favorite of the ones I have tried due to the food and the service. We have eaten there twice and both times did not enjoy it. While the atmosphere is nice, the tables were awfully close together. I enjoy both Mexican and Tex Mex, but I guess I just prefer the Mexican food the Mexicans who live in my area make.

    I really, really enjoy Le Cellier, Teppan Edo, Restaurant Marrakesh the most of the WS table service places and will always willingly go back without question. We've had consistently good food and service at these places.

    Rose and Crown, Chefs de France, Biergarten were okay, but not places I feel the need to eat on every trip. More like every few trips.

    We have not tried Nine Dragons, Bistro de Paris, Tutto Italia, or Akershus. I would like to try Norway, but not sure I want to deal with it being all princess all the time now. I wish I had gotten in to try it before the princesses staked their claim.
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    Teppan Edo and San Angel were the only two we ate at on our last trip.

    San Angel is fantastic and is the only restaurant we ate at in '06 that we're going to eat at again this trip. It's really good but it is Mexican and not "tex mex" so that does turn sme people off.

    Teppan Edo was very good but at the time we were living somewhere that had a very similar (but slightly better) resaurant very close so it wasn't overly "special" feeling for us.

    Trying a few more this trip so we'll see how it goes.

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    I love Le Cellier, but like was said earlier it's often hard to get. If you have children (especially girls), Akershus in Norway is wonderfully fun. The food is also good. Biergarten is also fun for children. I enjoyed the food there as well. I am a very adventurous eater, so it's hard for me not to find food that I don't like though.
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    We only at at 2 on our last visit. We loved the Biergarten. I loved the food (especially the angel food cake) and loved the atmosphere.

    We also ate at Rose and Crown. I thought it was just ok. I had the fish and chips and I thought they were very greasy. The beer was great, though
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    Re: Favorite World Showcase Restaurant

    We ate at Tutto Italia and loved it! San Angel was pretty good too. Akershus was decent, but not the best food (princess dining was fun though for the kids)

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