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Dining Discuss Norway Dinning in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone ever eaten in Norway? We have talked about going, but really don't know what they have. lol Do you recommend the food or do you wish you had ...
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    Norway Dinning

    Has anyone ever eaten in Norway? We have talked about going, but really don't know what they have. lol Do you recommend the food or do you wish you had never eaten there in the first place? Any help here would be great. Thanks.

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    I have eaten in their bakery many times, and the desserts are amazing!
    I've never eaten an actual meal in Norway, so I don't know if those are any good, but they do have a character breakfast that looks like a lot of fun.
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    My wife, kids (9-boy ,6-boy,4-girl) and my parents ate there in 2007 for dinner with the princess'. As with most character meals it is more about the characters than the food, but the food wasn't horrible.

    I had the lamb stew (average) and my wife had the braised pork (above average) The smoked salmon on the appetizer bar was excellent and the salads good. The rice pudding dessert was pretty darn good.

    It was a nice location for us because it accommodated 7 people really well. Princesses were all beautiful and attentive to the kids.

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    We ate at the Akershus when they first introduced the Princess Dinners. The cold buffet was good, but my wife and I didn't really care for the entrees. Then the price increased quite a bit and we didn't feel that the meal was worth it anymore. The Kringla bakery however, we really like. The sandwiches are good and the desserts are even better. Everyone in our family of five will choose a different dessert to share. One day we even decided to just have the desserts for lunch. The chocolate chip cookies were the best I ever had. For counter service meals, I really like the Kringla and Tangierine Cafe in Morocco.

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    We ate at Akershus in June 2008 for Breakfast. The food was decent, but not as good as some of the other restaurants. My daughters loved putting on their princess dresses though and eating where the princesses were. I would say if you plan on going for the characters, then it is great! Maybe look at the menus on-line to see the food choices and see what you think?

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    I am certain I will never return. The dinner choices, well they were not good.
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    Ate there for breakfast last year, we are going to do it again this year. Atmosphere is fantastic, food is pretty good. Enough variety that you will find something you like. I was prepared for boiled eels and reindeer hash, but it was pretty traditional American fare. Smoked salmon is very good.

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    the princess character breakfast is great. Good food, great interaction with plenty of princesses and lots of free pics.

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    I agree the Princess breakfast is good... Love the loganberry cream cheese with the loganberry muffins! Haven't been brave enough to try dinner though.

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    I've eaten at Akershus once, but that was before they overhauled the restaurant and added the princesses. I remember getting some sort of stew for dinner and then you got the things on the cold buffet to go with it. I remember the food being really good and the price was decent for what you got, however, I would no longer go to this restaurant with the princess addition that was made. Its not worth it to me and I now feel the restaurant would be too much money in relation to what I thought the food/atmosphere was worth.

    The bakery in Norway is also very good, and they have wonderful pretzels with icing and almonds that are absolutely great. They also have a few different kinds of sandwiches there if you want to stop in for lunch instead of dessert.
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    Re: Norway Dinning

    Yes, I've eaten there a couple of times, and it is one of my favorite restaurants in World Showcase. But then I've had the advantage or disadvantage of growing up in a Norwegian community. Not that I'm Norwegian myself, being German from my father's side of the family and English from my mother's side of the family, but when my father was overseas serving in the U.S. Navy, my mother and I moved in with her parents, who were living at that time, in a small Norwegian community in Washington State. And that's where I learned to enjoy Norwegian cooking.

    Unfortunately, the menu--I believe--is less authentic Norwegian than it once was, as they had to make it more palpable to American tastes. But, what can you do.

    I would also add, that if you do want to experience the Norwegian cuisine, what there is of it, than don't go to the breakfast, which I believe is a standard American breakfast, but go for the lunch and/or dinner.

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    Re: Norway Dinning

    we ate here once food too much meat and deer no way.

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    Re: Norway Dinning

    ate there as a teen. eek. been there, not going back.

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    Re: Norway Dinning

    We ate at Akershus for the princess character dinner... it wasn't too busy, but the food wasn't anything special... the Koltbord buffet was was basically just a cold cut platter, but not a huge selection... the entrees were average, but at least the portions were big...we probably won't go back to that one unless there's an overhaul.

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    Re: Norway Dinning

    I like to try different foods,and my wife and I ate there back in the 90's right after Norway first opened.It was different to say the least.But as the Texas Kid,stated,authentic Norweigian in the 90's ,it was.Now,I don't know.Would I eat there again,maybe,but probably not.
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