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Dining Discuss ADR Question in the Vacation Planning forums; We are going to the World on Oct. 26, 2009. The first night we will be staying in a 1 bedroom at Beach Club, and the next 6 nights we ...
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    ADR Question

    We are going to the World on Oct. 26, 2009. The first night we will be staying in a 1 bedroom at Beach Club, and the next 6 nights we (husband, son and his girlfriend and their baby, and I) will split into 2 studios. Does that mean the on my 90th day out, I can only make reservations for the 26th and have to call back the next day for the rest of the days?
    I only ask this because we check in (to the 1 bedroom) on the 26th, check out (of the 1 bedroom) on the 27th and check in (to the 2 studios) on the 27th.
    Any help with this?
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    Re: ADR Question

    I think when you call on the 90th day, they will let you make the ADRs for the length of stay.
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    Re: ADR Question

    You should be able to make reservations for length of stay and not have to call back.

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    Re: ADR Question

    disney will only take res 90 days out. it is a pain got to call again for another day.

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    Re: ADR Question

    Quote Originally Posted by J&J View Post
    disney will only take res 90 days out. it is a pain got to call again for another day.
    This is not correct for guests staying at a Disney resort. Disney Resort guests can call 90 days from check-in, through their stay up to a maximum of 10 days. Beyond the 10th day, you needed to call at 90 days for each succeeding day.

    However, when doing a split stay (separate reservations at the same or different resorts), there is a bit of a wrench in there. I believe in the past, if the reservations are properly linked, it was seen as a continuous reservation and it wasn't a problem.

    I'm seeing a lot of reports more recently that the linking no longer seems to matter. You definitely can call on the 90th day for the start of each reservation and book all ADRs for that particular reservation.

    So it seems that in the OPs case, you can call on July 28th for any ADRs you want for the first two days of your stay (check-in and check-out day). Ask if you can make more - if they say no, you should be able to call again on the 29th for the rest of your stay.

    With the new system you do need to give your resort reservation number. I think they can look it up, but its faster if you have it.

    And don't forget - for harder to get ressies, if you don't get anything at more than 90 days out (say you call on the first day of your reservation window, but couldn't get CRT for the 3rd day), call again exactly 90 days out from the day you want the ressie - not all tables are available to be booked before the 90 day point to make it fair for Resort guests checkin in on a later day as well as off-site guests.

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