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Dining Discuss A Partial Dining Plan with 1 TS Meal only? in the Vacation Planning forums; ...
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    Post A Partial Dining Plan with 1 TS Meal only?

    Just came across this article:
    Mickey News o - Disneyland Resort Paris Half-Board Meal Plans Valuable for Travel Agents

    The new plan in Disneyland Paris will offer a choice of one TS meal per person for each night of stay... I didn't see mention of price, but I was curious if this sounded like something your family would be more inclined to take advantage of if ever offered in Disney World (for a smaller price than DDP, of course)...

    Sure, you'd be expected to pay OOP for your other meals, but then those meals you could do however... snack all day, counter service meals, other TS meals, or whatever you feel like at the time.

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    Re: A Partial Dining Plan with 1 TS Meal only?

    It would really depend on the price and what restaurants they were including on it.
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    Re: A Partial Dining Plan with 1 TS Meal only?

    wonder what the price would be?

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    Re: A Partial Dining Plan with 1 TS Meal only?

    Doesn't sound like anything great to me! What I like best about the dining plan is that it makes my vacation (almost) all-inclusive!

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