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Dining Discuss Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the Vacation Planning forums; Where is the best place in Disney to get a memorable steak...
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    Where is the best place in Disney to get a memorable steak
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We've had consistently good steaks at Le Cellier. Specifically, I really enjoy the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon as I have ordered it every time thus far.

    We haven't tried Yachtsman for ourselves, but have heard many good reviews about this place.

    We have tried a few Shula's locations, but not the one in WDW. I don't see the point of going there if you have a Shula's closer to home.
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yachtsman Steakhouse!
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In addition to MandaBella's suggestions, which are great, Le Chefs de France is good. We ate at The Wave in the Contemporary Resort when we went in March and I had a really good steak there but I can't vouch for consistency because I've only been once. The atmosphere there was great though, and I would suggest that anyone try it at least once.

    Although I haven't been, California Grille might be worth a try.

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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We've eaten at Shula's and Yachtsman and LeCellier and Chef de France...prefer Yachtsman if we're in the mood for a really good steak.
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of the one's mentioned have great steaks, but agree with M5ward in preferring Yachtsman if looking for a great steak. Le Cellier would be a close second.
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've only eaten at two steak places.... Le Cellier and the Concourse Steakhouse. Of the two, I'd have to say go to Le Cellier since Concourse isn't there anymore.
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Le Cellier wins my vote.

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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    has to be Yachtsman steakhouse...they made me a chopped sirloin even though it wasn't on the menu anymore...that is def my top choice for great steak..

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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can't go wrong with Le Cellier. Also give Shula's a shot... If you want a different play on steak try Teppan Edo. They cook it on a grill right in front of you....
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion, Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon hands down. I actually book my trip around my Le Cellier reservations. If I couldn't get a reservation, I actually would re-schedule my trip.
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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd go for Yachtsman or the filet at Jiko. IMO, the quality of beef at signatures is better than at the regular restaurants.

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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YACHTSMAN!!!! We had our wedding dinner there and have been there quite a few times since. Their chateaubriand for two is to die for.

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    Re: Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teppan Edo was excellent as was Artist Point.
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