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Dining Discuss Coral Reef? in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anybody ever had a good experience at the coral reef.....based on the reviews i've read I'm thinking about changing my reservation unless someone can convince me otherwise...
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    Coral Reef?

    Has anybody ever had a good experience at the coral reef.....based on the reviews i've read I'm thinking about changing my reservation unless someone can convince me otherwise
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    Re: Coral Reef?

    it use to be good now we don't go food just ok.

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    Re: Coral Reef?

    It's been two years since we were last there but we liked it.
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    Re: Coral Reef?

    I ate there in January which was the first time in 13 years. I really enjoyed it. It was better than it was 13 years ago. I would like to go back and there again soon.

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    Re: Coral Reef?

    It's been 2 years now but I went to the Coral Reef twice a few months apart. The first time was fabulous - great menu choices, food was perfect. The second time the menu was different and I didn't care for the selections as much. At that time, they told me the menu changed seasonally.

    Both times we had excellent service and couldn't have asked for a nicer waiter.

    Of course, the atmosphere is pretty cool - watching the tank is definitely a highlight.
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    Re: Coral Reef?

    We went last year, were disappointed. Had a definite "well that wasn't worth it" feeling when we left. The only memorable thing about our dinner was the $10 shrimp cocktail... that was 3 shrimp.

    We won't be going back until I start hearing some better reviews... and I haven't heard anything good lately.

    With so many other great choices in Epcot, I'd say "skip it."
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    Re: Coral Reef?

    We've only eaten there once..... at least ten years ago. We had an excellent time from what I remember. Its on our list to as a restaurant to go back to soon.
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    Re: Coral Reef?

    We ate there in December 2007. We had a great meal. It was also our most expensive. Whether it was worth it is subjective, but it was our best meal in general that trip.

    Kevin from The DIS Unplugged just recently returned there for a new review despite a very negative experience before (the infamous "sad little crabcake" review). From that and some of the previous posters, it sounds like the portions have shrunk and the prices have gone up.

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    Re: Coral Reef?

    We ate there in January and thought the atmosphere was great, but the food and service were okay at best.
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