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Dining Discuss Advice needed re: 1st night in the Vacation Planning forums; We will be taking our first trip to WDW in December and while I have the 9 days planned out for the most part I'm wondering about where we should ...
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    Advice needed re: 1st night

    We will be taking our first trip to WDW in December and while I have the 9 days planned out for the most part I'm wondering about where we should eat the first night. We have 2 kids, ages 5 and 7. If we planned to eat at Teppan Edo at Epcot after our arrival, would we be sure to get in the park in the late afternoon? This will be Dec 22 and I've heard that sometimes the parks get busy and won't let any more people in? Or would we be better off going to a resort restaurant or Downtown Disney? We will be using the Dining Plan.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    On the 22nd, you should be able to get it. It normally closes on massively busy days like Christmas and New Years. There was once recently that they closed but that was around Easter.

    I don't normally suggest products but is an excellent source. He looks at crowds, schedules and other things to tell you which park to go to and which ones to avoid - based on the date you want to go. There is a small fee to join for the information but it was well worth it for going during the Christmas break.

    Good luck and Enjoy!

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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    I f you are not going to the parks that first night, consider splitting a cheeseburger (or not) then splitting a kitchen sink at Beaches and Creme.

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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    +1 on Walt Disney World Vacation Planner for Orlando, Florida Vacation TourGuideMiKE, If you are going Christmas week you will need a plan. RideMax - Planning Software for Walt Disney World and Disneyland and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World — are also very good.

    Since this is your first trip and because you are coming down on the busiest week of the year it may be a good idea to use Tour Guide Mike or RideMax. Following the advise of a planning site will make a big difference. We used RideMax last time we where in WDW during a busy week and you would not believe how little we waited in line for attractions.

    Based on last year there will most likely be an Extra Magic Hour evening at Epcot that night. It will be VERY crowded but I don't think it will close. The important thing will be to call and get your Advanced Dinning Reservation 90 days from Dec 22nd. So to book an ADR for Dec 22nd you should call 407-WDW-DINE on 09/23/2009 at 7am. If staying at a Disney Resort you can make the ADRs for your whole trip on that day.

    Have a great time on your trip!
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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    I have traveled many times to Disney with grade school aged kids. Actually that age range at Christmas. They should enjoy their first restaurant you have planned but I'd go to something quick and fast like Peco's for dinner. After a day of travel and excitement that first day I'd just feed them and let them enjoy the Magic Kingdom in the evening before they crash.
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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    You should have no trouble at all getting into the park on the 22nd.

    Teppan Edo is such a fantastic restaurant & your kids will love it!!! I say go into the park on your first day - it's hard to arrive at Walt Disney World and wait until the next day!!
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    Re: Advice needed re: 1st night

    our tradition is Wolfgang Puck's in Downtown Disney on the first night. but we are travelling from Colorado so we get in later and are not in a park. The kids can enjoy Legos and Disney ambience while getting a great pizza.
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