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Dining Discuss Kona Cafe for Dinner? in the Vacation Planning forums; Hey all, need some quick input. Adam told me he booked Kona Cafe for my birthday dinner in 2 weeks. My knowledge of Kona Cafe only regards their awesome breakfasts ...
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    Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    Hey all, need some quick input. Adam told me he booked Kona Cafe for my birthday dinner in 2 weeks. My knowledge of Kona Cafe only regards their awesome breakfasts (Tonga Toast). How's dinner?
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    Re: Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    I am a big fan of the Kona, and it is a regular stop for our trips . . . never for breakfast; always for dinner.

    They have been very consistent with their fish dishes, often a nut crusted mahi. They typically have a roasted meat choice like roasted chicken which is very good and safe for folks who may not want to try new flavors. (I see from that the roasted chx is gone, replaced by a prime rib.)

    Although the menu changes, we have found the quality to be solid every time.

    The Kona certainly saved us on a trip with extended family. Let's just say we let them stand in the 90 minute line for Dumbo while we relaxed in A/C with a refreshing concoction served in a hollowed-out pineapple.

    The key to Kona, though, is the desserts. They switch up about once a year, and we are never disappointed. They are usually great for chocolate lovers - particularly their chocolate lava cake (or whatever the current variation might be). Makes some folks want to skip dinner altogether and go straight to dessert! About 10 years ago, they used to seat you by taking you past the pastry chef's counter where they make the different chocolate desserts, if only to tempt you.

    I think you'll have a great time! Because it is largely off the radar, you should be able to have a relaxing dinner party without feeling rushed or cramped in!

    Please post a restaurant review afterward!
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    Re: Kona Café for Dinner?

    Dinner at the Kona Café is spectacular!!

    The menu is fantastic - we have never had a bad meal here!!

    Be sure to save room for dessert!! I have dreams of that Kona Kone!!
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    Re: Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    We had a fabulous dinner there. My DD & I had ADR's and my son in the college program unexpectedly got the evening off and they just seated him with us no problem. I'd have to say that was one of the best servers we had that trip on the Dining Plan, tip included at that time.

    All three of us had different entrees, appetizers and desserts. Everything was excellent.
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    Re: Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    Kona Cafe and GF Cafe are 2 of the hidden dining treasures at WDW in my opinion. Dinner at KC is excellent. Choices are not the standard fare; they're interesting, well presented and especially tasty. Photos abound on other boards of their offerings. They are even better in person than they appear in the photos. Service is always exceptional there. You will definitely want to return. Enjoy!

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    Re: Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    You gave such good reviews, I'm going to add it to our trip.

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    Re: Kona Cafe for Dinner?

    All I have to say is YUM!

    We went for my birthday this year. I had their Tuna Oscar dish and my boyfriend had the NY Strip. Both were delicious and cooked perfectly. I highly recommend!

    Ok! I reached my 10 posts, so I'm going to show some pictures of my meal!!

    The tuna!

    Creme Brulee...

    My Birthday "treat"

    Didn't get a picture of the Steak
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