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Dining Discuss San Angel Inn in the Vacation Planning forums; I'm eating at San Angel Inn for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should eat while I'm there. Thanks guys......
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    San Angel Inn

    I'm eating at San Angel Inn for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should eat while I'm there. Thanks guys...
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    Re: San Angel Inn

    My parents ate there in January and liked it. Now, my family isnt really picky, but for me I would have to get something with no beans, becuase Mexican food usually includes them, and they make me gag. My dad had some sort of chicken and my he and my mom shared becuase she didnt like her enchuladas(sp and not sure if they were quesadillas either) and she ate his chicken. Other than that they loved the atmosphere and the service and plan on returning in the future. I have yet to try it but will one day.

    heres the dinner menu:

    San Angel Inn Dinner Menu - Mexico - World Showcase - Epcot

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    Re: San Angel Inn

    When I went there, I had some sort of sampler plate. That way, I was able to try small portions of two or three dishes and get some variety.
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    Re: San Angel Inn

    Ive eaten here many times over the years and have seen the menu change more than once in that time. Everything that Ive had has been above par...except one dish that was made from chocolate/cinnamon beef, but that just didnt fit my personal palate. I do have to say that some how the margaritas in the restaurant are better than the cantina. I hope you have a great experience while your at San Angel Inn.
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    Re: San Angel Inn

    Whatever you get, try to sit along the river.

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    Re: San Angel Inn

    I like the place myself. The dish with chicken on a bed of peppers is quite good IMHO

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