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Poll: What is the best Character Meal at WDW?

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    I love the character meal at the Crystal Palace, but it was probably an unusual circumstance that makes me feel this way. Once we were at the MK and the rain started coming down in buckets. We were right outside the Crystal Palace and it couldn't have been any later that 4:00. We decided to go in get out of the rain and have an early dinner - no priority seating. There were are most 3 tables occupied - and this was in the summer season. The characters visited our table over and over again. They started playing practical jokes on one another - they were bored with no tables to work and we all had a great time. I try to go back every chance I get, but it's never been like that time.

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    From a money-saving aspect, we love the Character Sundae at the Garden Grill. It is offered in the afternoon for only $6.99. Our kids loved it! Normally when we go to a Character Meal, the kids are too excited to eat all of their meal. Not only is it cheaper, but it is not very crowded. We had the characters to ourselves many, many times. They kept coming around and just hung out.
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    I voted for Garden Grill but that was before the rehab. I have been to several and all have been really good. Looking forward to trying CRT and Crystal Palace next trip.

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    I voted for Chef Mickeys. Mainly because I have only been to 3 character meals and that was the best one. I liked Donald's breakfastasaurus (sp?), but I felt rushed and the layout of the place was not great, you had to go past the line to get to the back of the line. But the food was good.

    1900 Park Faire for dinner was nice, we went mainly so that I could give a card my niece made to Cinderella. I was not impressed with the food however, and ate off the kiddie bar. The deserts were good though.

    But Mickey's was the best - went for breakfast and even though we waited way past our PS time, we loved it!

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    Liberty Tree all the way for Character Dining!!! Of course, because I work there, AND the FOOD IS AWESOME!!!!

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    I voted for Princess Breakfast at Akershus. It's the only one I've ever been to. The breakfast was awesome though!

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    CHEF MICKEYS ALL THE WAY!!! I love having dessert for BREAKFAST! I even know the soundtrack by heart!!!!!!!
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    After having been to Chef Mickey's 3 times for Breakfast, they have the best breakfast around. I went to CP this year, cause i love it...but we ended up agreeing that C.M. is far better. CP dinner this year stunk
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    I went with Chef Mickey's, but I have to admit that my all-time favorite character meal will always be the breakfast aboard the Empress Lilly. It was a must-do when my family went each year. And maybe it's just me, but I wish Crystal Palace went back to the non-character buffet that it used to be. That was always our favorite meal and we would eat there every time we were in MK. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in one trip. Haven't been able to drag myself back since they switched it over. Too depressing...

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    Chef Mickey's all the way! One of my favorite meals with or without characters, but especially with them! This July we celebrated my mom, sister, and my birthdays, so my dad was feeling kind of left out when they brought the cupcakes and placemats. My mom talked to the server while my dad was at the buffet, and she brought him half a cupcake and placemat, because it was also his "half birthday!" Wonderful food and wonderful service as well.
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    We've only been to one and that was Donald's in AK. He is my fave character and so we really enjoyed it!! Mickey and the gang were also there too!!

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    I like th Garden Grill,Mickey, Pluto,Chip and Dale were the best.The food was great.The service was great.Mickey recommended drinks and seated us.Dale had on devil horns and drank our drinks pluto just happy,Chip took our bread.It was alot of fun.Then toward the end of our meal Dale came back and he had on wings and a halo.The food was outstanding.Dessert was out of the world good.

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    My vote went to the Crystal Palace. It makes me feel like a kid at heart, and breakfast there is a great start to my day, and dinner is a good start to my evening.
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