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Poll: What is the best Character Meal at WDW?

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Dining Discuss Best Character Meal in WDW? in the Vacation Planning forums; Chef Mickey's all the way!...
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    Chef Mickey's all the way!
    I am a Disney fanatic

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    I enjoyed both chef mickeys and the liberty tree tavern. I felt that crystal palace should have had more characters for the amount of people in the room. We had finished lunch and had to wait an extra 25 minutes for winnie the pooh to make it to our table.
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    Liberty Tree Tavern is very good and Ohana's is excellent for breakfast. Here is a pic of my son Stephen at Ohana's with Mickey and Chip. :mickey:
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    I voted Chef Mickey's because some people in our family are picky eaters and some places won't have foods to fit everyone's needs, especially my vegetarian sister. but chef mickey's has IT ALL!

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    In the HM Graveyard where else??
    Crystal Palace no question!
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    I was a die hard Chef Mickey fan...but on or last visit we hit Crystal Palace and I am hooked!!!!

    Chef Mickey has the characters by far, but the Palace's food won me over!!!

    Omlette Station and Cholate Chip and Blueberry pancakes to order are tough to beat!!!!:mickey:

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    Have only been to Donald's before but now want to try Crystal Palace! The thought of those pancakes is making me hungry!

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    I love the crystal palace dinner, the chocolate brownies mmmmmmmmm. I have never been to Chef Mickey in Florida but ive had breckfast there at disneyland Paris & it was excelent.

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    I've only been to Crystal Palace, wonderful breakfast...I kept going back for these things that were somewhat of a cross between a donut and french bad, yet SOO good!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrncsAurora
    I've only been to Crystal Palace, wonderful breakfast...I kept going back for these things that were somewhat of a cross between a donut and french bad, yet SOO good!!
    Those were crazy good!
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    Chef Mickey's is my all-time favorite!! I mean how can you not like it?!

    It's amazing! I mean there's always that aura of celebration. And hey, it has Mickey-shaped food. The last time I went, I got anything Mickey shaped, ravioli, cookies, mac and cheese, anything!

    Lol it's so much fun
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    I like Chef Mickey's and Crystal Palace.

    Chef Mickey's is cute, fun, and energetic. I love waving my napkin around all though I sometimes worry what would happen if I let go of my napkin? Well, we can all imagine what would happen

    Crystal Palace is beautiful, peaceful, and contemporary! I love Tigger so much, he always seems to give me this great big hug which is always nice to recieve while eating dinner
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    I'm going to edit this poll and ADD the new Hollywood & Vine Playhouse Disney breakfast (a personal favorite of mine)
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    I've eaten at a lot of these places (Chef Mickey's, 'Ohana, and a few more) but the best meal we've had was lunch at the Garden Grill. The Characters were all great, and spent lots of time at our table interacting. The food was also delicious
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    We've done Crystal Palace, Ohana Breakfast, and Liberty Tree. I picked Crystal Palace as the favorite. It was the last one we made reservations for, the one I had the lowest expectations for, but the first one we went to. The look on my daughter's face was just priceless and once my son woke up all the characters came back for a second visit. That dinner alone was worth the price of the meal plan.

    We enjoyed all the meals though.

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