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Poll: What is the best Character Meal at WDW?

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Dining Discuss Best Character Meal in WDW? in the Vacation Planning forums; My absolute favorite is dinner at the GF with Cinderella and Prince Charming. It is so beautiful, a bit on the noisy side, and the food is so overly fabulous. ...
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    My absolute favorite is dinner at the GF with Cinderella and Prince Charming. It is so beautiful, a bit on the noisy side, and the food is so overly fabulous. The chilled strawberry soup could be the best invention ever. We eat there every single year. Then lunch at the Crystal Palace is delish- as is Chef Mickey's. Breakfast with Dino Donald has absolutely the best bacon! I have to say, though, I was extremely disappointed with the Garden Grill. I thought the food was very yucky and all that spinning was just too weird.

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    I am so addicted to Crystal Palace, I need to try something new. HELP!
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    I voted for Crystal Palace as we have really enjoyed the buffet food there. As a poster has said previously though, we have never had a bad character meal in WDW

    On our next trip in February 2008 (1st time at our DVC ) we hope to try a couple we haven't been to yet, Cinderella's Royal Table (just for the experience) and Garden Grill.

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    We went to Garden Grill one of the last times we were in WDW (May 2006) -- it was really tasty (lunch)! As for Cinderella's Castle, we haven't done the breakfast but was kinda disappointed with dinner. I'm glad we did it for the experience, but I can't say that it lived up to what I expected. It's not a repeat for us... like the Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey.
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    There's nothing like eating inside the castle. The environment is amazing .... but the food could be better. I love eating there, its quite an experience to view the park looking out through the castle windows... if you have not eaten there I highly recommend it!

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    LOVE Chef Mickey's.........

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    I voted for 1900 park fare, I liked the variety better and it was not quite as crazy as chef mickeys. by that I mean a little calmer for those of us without small kids, but just as character friendly. Almost more so because it is smaller and the characters really took their time and pretty much visited tables that were finishing up dinner.
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    Chef Mickey's with the Mickey pancakes! Mmmmm! Now I want some pancakes!
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    I absolutely LOVE Chef Mickey's but my DH's fav is Crystal Palace!! Planning to try something new in November. Can't wait!
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    My girls are getting to the age where they want to see princesses. We are going to try see about 1900 Park Fare. We are thinking about dinner there or breakfast at Norway. So far though, our favorite character meal has been Chef Mickey's. I read earlier about breakfast at Park Fare, but not dinner, which is what we're thinking about. Has anyone done it? Is it good? Prime Rib sounds great!

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    I have only been to one character meal and that was at the liberty tree.

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    I LOVE Chef Mickey's also. We have to go back ever time we go to the parks. I have the greatest pictures of my kids every year at Chef Mickey's.
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    I absolutely looooved Crystal Palace when I was younger.

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    I remember having breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table when I was little. My brother and I had so much fun interacting with the characters. Dopy and Peter Pan were a lot of fun... even if my brother was terrified of Peter Pan.

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    I have 3 favorites that I do every trip. They are CRT lunch, LTT dinner, and CP dinner. They are a lot of fun. Sometimes I even do them more then once.
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