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Dining Discuss Restaurant ideas? in the Vacation Planning forums; So i will be venturing back into WDW FL in August. And we have two slots left to fill when we actually make our reservations for dinner. We're on the ...
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    Restaurant ideas?

    So i will be venturing back into WDW FL in August.
    And we have two slots left to fill when we actually make our reservations for dinner. We're on the meal plan and these are the places were going so far:
    Wolfgang Pucks
    Crystal Palace
    Teppan Edo
    Kona Cafe
    Le Chef De France
    As you can probably tell we like to get a bang for our buck.
    And id really appreciate any sugggestion, thanks a lot !

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    Many people like Boma. Other favorites of mine include Yak & Yeti, Whispering Canyon, 50s Prime Time, and Le Cellier (but you already had two at Epcot). I have heard good reviews of Kouzinna (the new one at Boardwalk). Enjoy your trip!

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I gotta go with Boma and Le Cellier, the meal plan really pays off at Le Cellier.

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Toy Story character meal.
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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I would fill in with 50s Prime Time & Kona!

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I guess it all depends on your family situation and your preference for food (which that first part could rule out if you have kids). I notice your location is NY which could mean you've been exposed to lots of great ethnic foods. (And may not find eating at Epcot's Italy as an original experience.) I love Morocco and don't get why people disregard it. (Well i do, people tend to be culturally naive and disregard it as Indian food. Which is most certainly not.) The dishes are creative, incredibly well done, and the dining experience is very fun. Plus they have platters that allow you to sample a number of different dishes.

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I think it would depend where your going to be on those 2 days, do you have any idea if those are park days and which parks at around dinner time would you be?? Are you staying on property? Which resort??
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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I believe the Flying Fish takes 2 meal credits but it is sooo worth it, I also would say LeCellier if you can get in, haven't been to Boma in years but it was very good, Yak and Yeti is good, love 50"s Primetime....I have not tried Morocco but I want to try it in Dec when I go

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    Try Sanaa, not like any other restaurant I've ever been to. And Sci-fi dine in is fun too!

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I'm going to be over there in August too!

    Anyway, I'd look into Boma, Narcoossee's, 50's Prime Time, Le Cellier, Tusker House and Cape May Cafe.

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    We went to the Grand Floridian Cafe and it was very nice. The food was excellent too.

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    I love Kona Cafe! Tonga Toast is my favorite breakfast that I ever eat there. The staff is hospitable and service as well. There is huge array of delectable food; I think reason enough to become favorite eatery.

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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    Ohana if you want bang for your buck! Also recommend Le Cellier, Shutters, Cafe May Cafe, and I like Pepper Market
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    Re: Restaurant ideas?

    You must go to Boma
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