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    Thumbs down Galloping Gourmand calls the Noodle Station an Evil Brigadoon

    Judging from what some people have said on various Disney boards the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station is some kind of Holy Grail or Brigadoon of Disney quick service dining. “IS the Noodle Station Open?” “When can I stop at the Noodle Station?” “Report: Noodle Station Closed!” So when it was open this August, well how could I resist? People have been searching for this place for years, hoping for it to appear out of the mist, open, and ready to serve the waiting hordes.
    For the life of me I have no idea why. I had high hopes, at least as high as one can have for quick service. At least, I thought, they were trying something other than burgers, dogs, and maybe a token sandwich and salad at a quick service location. The effort should be rewarded.
    With dreams of an at least Panda Express level meal I sauntered up to the line and ordered a beef and broccoli with steamed rice. Down at the area that gets reserved for the Fireworks Desert Party I dug in. I’m sure there was something akin to beef in it, and I know those medium sized green things were broccoli. They tasted like nothing, though. No flavor. At all. I could tell there were two differant types of things in my mouth only because one was crunchy and one was chewy. Let's choose to believe the crunchy one was the broccoli. Benefit of the doubt and all, plus if we all wish hard enough we know magic happens! Even retroactively! (please let it have been the broccoli) The concoction was covered in some kind of clearish brown sauce. This too tasted like nothing but this time a nothing with the sad side effect of coating my mouth with some kind of gelatin. Crunchy, Chewy, and slimy.

    So I took it back. I returned food at a quick service station. This was a sheepish low for me. I love food. I’ll try or eat almost anything in front of me. This dish was an affront. I decided on the Chicken Noodle Bowl instead. Um... it had both chicken and noodles. They were in a broth and served in a bowl. There was also something green that added color to what was otherwise a completely light beige bowl. The flavors were light, mild, and that’s the best that can be said. I’m worried I’m becoming a Grumpy little dwarf here and am focusing on the positive now.

    Disney, with great power comes great responsibility. Close the noodle station and replace it, or just keep it closed. If not, I suggest we set up a thread to warn people when it’s open. The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station Threat Advisory Thread. Consider it a public service.


    * (poor)
    ** (fair)
    *** (good)
    **** (excellent)

    Until next time, this is the Galloping Gourmand saying "Hi ho eaters! Away!"

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    Re: Galloping Gourmand calls the Noodle Station an Evil Brigadoon

    I'm sorry! I should have ranted like you just did two years ago!

    I had the misfortune of eating there back in 07 during Thanksgiving.

    The thought of something other than a burger or a nugget pulled us in.
    There was so much liquid in whatever it was that I ate plus the over use of oil that they pre-cook everything in stayed in my mouth the rest of the afternoon. Gross just didn't seem adequate. Horrid maybe closer.

    Disney should be ashamed of itself for having me waste a counter service credit on that cuisine. I'm sure it is only open seasonally for that reason, otherwise word would have spread quicker. Gag.

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    Re: Galloping Gourmand calls the Noodle Station an Evil Brigadoon

    that was a great read Galloping Gourmand. So I guess I can cross this place off my Bucket list
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Re: Galloping Gourmand calls the Noodle Station an Evil Brigadoon

    That was a hilarious post, Mercury waxing. I had wondered what I was missing having never eaten there.

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