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Dining Discuss Resturants - Disney-MGM Studios in the Vacation Planning forums; Backlot Express is a good counter service option...but someday I really wanna try out 50's Primetime and the Sci-fi just for their atmospheres....
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    Backlot Express is a good counter service option...but someday I really wanna try out 50's Primetime and the Sci-fi just for their atmospheres.

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    A lot of people post that they don't care for the dining options at the Studios but I gotta tell ya, 50's Prime Time and Sci-Fi are 2 of my favorites in ANY of the parks! Food is great and atmosphere is awesome - exactly how a Disney restaurant should be!

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    I ate at the 50's Prime Time once when I was younger, and it scared me.. the waiters and waitresses get into character so much! i saw them spank a man because he didn't eat all of his vegetables.
    I know that as an adult i would probably have a different perspective on things, but that one experience has made me not want to go back there.
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    I'm not quite sure why everyone says that SciFi Dine In isn't good. All the guidebooks say "It stinks!" but they have the best Chicken ceasar salad I've ever had, and they have those fancy sodas like Sprite with Watermelon in it. That's the one I got. Another one in our family got a Rueben and he liked it a lot, just don't get the Hot Dogs. Actually just to be safe, only get the Chicken Ceasar Salad or the Rueben, and a watermelon sprite. I bet the rest isn't that bad though.

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    I had the chicken caeser salad and special drink too. it is really good.
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    #1 Brown Derby - We always do lunch here on our first day at Disney! DH loves the Cobb Salad and I usually get BBQ Chicken Salad or the Grouper. LOVE that Grapefruit Cake!

    #2 Mama Melrose - Love the food and atmosphere! The portions are huge and we usually split a pasta dish and get gelato for dessert. DH luvs spumoni.

    #3 Sci-Fi Dine In - Worth it for the decadent milkshakes alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesoccer40 View Post
    We also like the Hollywood and Vine buffet and Fantasmic ticket special, the kids bar is worth the price (and as an adult i love to get a platefull off of it also)
    Glad to hear that you liked Hollywood & Vine. We have the Fantasmic package and that is the only one we could get into during anytime while we were there. We were told we could call back to see if anyone cancels periodically.

    We have to eat a little earlier than we'd like but it was the only time we could all get at one table. Otherwise we were split between two. I wasn't sure how well that would work out with us (with two small children).

    I really wanted to go with Mama Melrose but we will see if they have a cancellation when we call back.

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    personally, I never liked the Prime Time. I also think that DHS has the worst CS selection in WDW

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    I didn't read the instructions either, but it didn't matter since we've only eaten at two places at DHS. Brown Derby and ABC Commissary.

    I LOVE the Brown Derby. We eat there everytime. My mom and I always split the Cobb salad and each get a slice of the Grapefruit Cake. She usually gets a meat dish while I get a fish dish. My favorite is the grouper with asparagus. Actually, I generally look for any dish with asparagus and I'll usually get that one, no matter what the rest of the meal is!

    I love ABC Commissary as well. The cuban sandwich is good but I LOVE the black bean salad.

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    The 50's Prime Time is probably, IMHO, the best in the park. I wish that there were some stronger themes places to eat here.
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    50's Prime Time for my family. Even if we can't find time to eat there, my DH has to order a peanut butter and jelly shake. Yuk in my opinion, but I love the Chicken Pot Pie and Smores.

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    I know all the usual arguments against it, but Sci-Fi is still a family favorite for us! We love the atmosphere!
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    I had originally voted for 50s as one of our favorites, but this last time we were there just kind of squashed that. We had lousy food and lousy service. I even sent an e-mail to Disney with our complaints, which they did respond back. We did find Hollywood & Vine was a lot of fun! We did the character dining for lunch with my grandkids (4, 3, 15 months) and the interaction was great and the food was good too!

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    Resturant: Sci-Fi Dine-In
    Atmosphere: Seating makes for special time with my children
    Food Rating: Very Good
    Comments: I love the hamburger - it is huge! My son loved the movies. He kept asking if these were real movies

    Restaurant: 50s Prime Time
    Atmosphere: Reminds me of my grandmother's home
    Food Rating: One of my very, very favorites
    Comments: Last trip was great. Son really got into it. Got called "Scooter", DD called "sunshine". Son kept being loud and enjoying what was going on in our section so was given away to another family that was also having fun. They gave us their son! Kept seeing this family all over the park. My son would go up and say "Hi Family" to them. Great fun!

    Did not like Hollywood and Vine in '05. Just not what type of food I wanted or what my children might have eaten.

    We will be trying Brown Derby in December.

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    Nothing beats the Brown Derby Cobb Salad!!!

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