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    The Galloping Gourmand Thanks Disney for the End Zone Food Court at AS:M

    Iím always impressed with how Disney does itís food courts. Hotel food courts are typically there to serve edible foot at exaggerated prices to a trapped and desperate audience. Disney has an even more trapped audience because most people donít have cars. The fact that Disney tries to do a little more for itís guests at the End Zone Food Court is commendable even if the food they provide sometimes isnít. They offer many choices at what can only be called fairly reasonable prices (for Disney).

    The End Zone Food Court is arranged in ďstationsĒ with a centralized pay station. There were not enough checkout lanes and unless it was about 11pm. The beverage isle was always messy. This wasnít the fault of the cast members, and the people who were getting drinks were complete wrecking crews. They left straw wrappers, poured drinks into the trash instead of the sink, and generally behaved like pushy-shovey animals. I wanted to apologize to the clean um crew for the human race. That mostly finishes up with the bad parts.

    The good news about the food court is that the bulk of people arenít there after 11pm. Breakfast is, based on my experience, the busiest time despite the long walk from most of the rooms. I donít like people in the morning and am not a big breakfast person so I only had one breakfast here. You know, for ďresearch.Ē I wasnít very awake before my coffee but I knew enough to studiously avoid the ďbreakfast pizza.Ē That ****able Disney pizza. They have the classic Mickey Waffles, biscuits and gravy for the southern/Midwest crowd, western omelets, and a collection of sandwiches. I opted for the breakfast platter Ė overcooked scrambled eggs, a heavy biscuit, crunchy bacon, and some pretty good sausage. There was also breakfast potatoes, which resemble chunky greasy hash browns. Itís exactly what you would expect from a food court. Enough to get you going in the morning, and while not exactly ďgoodĒ there was no reason to avoid it other than a long walk from the room.

    Iím going to insert a little pet peeve here. The coffee was too hot. I donít want to sound like the type of person who sues when they drink hot coffee but it came out near boling and even cold mile and ice cubes couldnít make it cool enough to drink without having it sit for at least 15-20 minutes. I only had coffee at breakfast.

    As far as lunch/dinner goes there are some pretty good choices. "The Grill" features the most artery clogging selections from Disney quick service fare at the parks. The menu alone is upping my cholesterol just by typing it: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, and double bacon cheeseburgers. It seems that bacon is a bonus for ordering an sandwich with two patties and two slices of cheese. Must be that ďplussingĒ you hear so much about. Also available are hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, and chili fries. Oh, you can get a veggie burger as well. Donít know why thatís served here amidst all the grilled death. Must have been an oversight.

    The "Specialty Shop" is where I got most of my food. I enjoyed the Turkey and Muenster on Focaccia more than I expected. It had a surprisingly generous amount of meat between the bread. While it was a little dry it wasn't anything some mayo couldn't fix. Their baked chicken platter was greasy on the outside, dry on the inside, but overall tasty if a bit overpriced. The nachos were depressingly skimpy.

    Now this is has been a borderline positive review, so I hate to end on a bad note. If you show up after 11, which in the summer is after park closing (especially if you are waiting a long time for busses) the only thing thatís open is that ****able ďPizza Shop.Ē There is, however, a way to make this work for you. Donít order the pizza. Breadsticks are also available. They are as big as 2 personal pizzas, come with the same sauce for dipping, and cost about $5. The only thing missing is the cheese. Even though they are made from the same bread as the pizza crust I have yet to have an order a set of breadsticks that hasnít been at least decent. There are also some premade salads and treats in the quick stop area. Iíve never found anything worthwhile.

    The End Zone Food Court is not bad if you are trapped. Disney is trying to give you something where they could easily have set up a standard 4 item quick service location. Props, and thanks for that. There is room for improvement but overall things are fine the way they are. There is nothing wrong with perfectly acceptable, sometimes.

    Until next time, "Hi ho eaters! Away!"

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand Thanks Disney for the End Zone Food Court at AS:M

    Trapped. You summed it up correctly. The worst two I've had the mis-fortune to eat at Is French Quarters food court, odd set up too and the old Contemporary Food Court then by the arcade. POR is a bit better and I actually enjoyed most of the fares at AKL though it was pricey.

    I too feel for the CM's. Many guests do not even pick up their trays and toss their garbage. The coffee is very hot, burn the tongue hot and being that NesCafe concoction, makes it necessary not gulp like I normally do. I need coffee in the morning. I bring my own for use in the Disney supplied coffee pot when we stay at the moderates. Much better way to start the day.

    We have been staying at the moderates since they opened around '90. The food was horrid, then it got much better and since the dining plan, it is worse again. What we have noticed most is the burger meat and the fried chicken. The grade of meat in most of the fast places, well ewe.
    They use to grill it up for you, now they re-warm it from a pan of burgers.
    Yuck. The chicken has gone from nice juicy strips to some sort of blended chicken parts in the form of a nugget. Nasty.

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