I had the goal of writing once a week every week until I was out of reviews from my last few trips, then I got sick. While I was homeÖ well letís not go into gristly details, we shall just leave it at "when I was home"Ö. I thought about the only place at WDW that ever made me sick from eating there. In the early 1980ís I got a terrible bout of something from Pinocchioís Village Haus. That was back in the day when they pushed out greasy hamburgers as fast as they could to massive lines of families without much thought for quality control. It was, in my estimation, a feed chute for the masses. Between that moment of illness and summer, 2009 I hadnít set foot in the place. I thought that 20 years was too long to hold a grudge. Things must have changed since then.

Dťcor wise at least, The Haus seems not to have changed since the early 80ís. It is most famous for one thing: you can overlook the boats loading on Itís a Small World. That is such a small area of the restraint that you certainly cannot get your hopes up of seeing anything. Instead there is decidedly flimsy and faux medieval hall feel. The interior is really lacking any real character, in my view. Just some painted images from Pinocchio and half hearted stained glass windows. There are also some fake exteriors with fake flowers in fake window boxes. It all looks very fake. They have a nice real outdoor seating area, but it can get blazing hot in the summer and you have to overlook the crowd in Fantasyland at noon. For me trying to enjoy a lunch with all that going on is impossible. It's just the kind of area I tend to avoid.

Despite the drab, outdated feel of the place I'm pleased to say that Disney has done a good improving menu at the Haus. The reason for it seems to be the push for healthier foods. Gone is the menu full of burger options. In itís place is a menu full of chicken. Chicken nuggets, 5 and 8, with an option of apple slices or fries. I passed on them and chose one of the two salads Ė the Mediterranean. Mixed greens, roasted red bell peppers, black olives, mozzarella cheese, and come chicken. The chicken was fairly average Ė a couple of strips of sliced breast plopped on top of the salad. I did see some salads where the chicken was more mixed in. It must have depended on the cook, which is surprising because Disney can be counted on for fast food uniformity. IT was a serviceable salad. There was too much dressing but thatís my own fault. The red peppers were nice, though too few in number, but the black olives tasted too much like green olives. Thatís a little pet peeve of mine, but no matter. It was still a decent little salad. The side order of fries was great. Nice, crispy, but still just a touch greasy.

The quick service restraint shines in its kidís menu. They offer a generous PB&J and some yummy, creamy mac and cheese. Disney knows who is hanging around Fantasyland and what the focus should be Ė kids food. Those choices and the nuggets mean that there should be something for all but the most picky child. Adults can order from the childrenís menu for themselves. They also offer pizza. You know, that **** Disney pizza. The less said of that, the better.

The Haus has, in the past 20+ years, changed from dreck into a tolerable fast food restraint. I wonít be returning for a while, however. There are much less crowded places with better atmosphere and a more interesting menu. It has a drab, crowded interior and you canít be guaranteed a place to see people off on the voyage of the ****ed. I mean Itís a Small World.
(As always, please remember quick service menus seem to change often with the season. This review is from late summer, 09)

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Till next time, "Hi Ho Eaters! Away!"