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    The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    Disney tries to give us a vast variety of places to eat while in the parks, and for that I applaud them. Iím just not sure what to make of the style of food at the Plaza Palace. The offerings are essentially deli sandwiches and burgers. Tuna and chicken salad, cheesesteak, club sandwiches, some wonderful salads and other things I would expect to get at a deli counter. However itís a sit down restaurants at sit down prices that simply serves sandwiches. It's just not enough.

    Another odd thing about the Plaza Restaurant is the view out the window. While sitting in a Victorian setting you often have clear views of Tomorrowland and/or the castle. I canít think of any other sit-down that straddles three themed areas so overtly. Itís an odd but uniquely ďDisneyĒ sort of view. Disney fans who gripe about hard transitions in themeing might not like this but I think itís very pretty if unusual.

    The interior atmosphere is a continuation of the Ice Cream shop around the corner only much more relaxed. Iíve heard it described as ďintimateĒ but in this case ďintimateĒ is really ďtiny.Ē If someone said there are 40 tables inside they could conceivably be accused of exaggeration. I doubt they can fit 150 people inside comfortably, but at peak hours they sure do pack them in. You may find yourself rubbing elbows with another diner if you are there during peak hours. One area that is sort of a sun room gets very crowded, so try to get into the main dining room which is spacious and airy during the off hours. Both places are simply decorated and comfortably worn.

    The food may be just sandwiches and salads but they are generous and tasty. My favorite is easily the ruben sandwich. While not as greasy or generous as I like the flavors mix very well and itís prepared well. Their side of broccoli slaw, essentially cole slaw with broccoli replacing some of the cabbage, might not be to everyone's taste but it is refreshingly different if you are a veggie lover. The deli sandwiches are good and, in a rare thing, just filling enough. You will clean your plate and be satisfied but not stuffed. Usually at Disney itís not enough food or way too much food.

    The problem I have is that this doesnít seem to be enough for this to be a sit down establishment. You can get variations on this menu at quick service restaurants all over property, even though you donít get the same variety. Here in the NY area this is the food we get every day when we walk down to the local deli. The location couldnít work as a quick service deli type place though because there isnít enough seating for it to be able to handle walk-ups. With a sit down premium for the price you can end up paying $20 for a ruben, drink, and tip. Thatís a bad value, even for Disney. For that reason, I can't recommend it.

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    Until next time, "Hi ho eaters, away!"

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    I agree and like your review.

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    See, the fact that all they serve is sandwiches and the like is part of the reason we love the Plaza...for lunch. The prices are pretty comparable to a counter service place, but you get served! ($10-13, where some CS locations offer meals for $15+!) Sometimes it's great just to get out of the heat and have a relaxing lunch. Personally, it'll stay on my "yes" list!

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    I like the Plaza for the Strawberry Chicken Salad, I think of it as kind of a hidden treasure right on Main Street. I disagree with you statement that Disney tries to give us a vast varitey of places to eat, excluding Epcot's WS I think they are all pretty much the same. I believe variety is not the name of the game for Disney, at least not anymore.
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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    I agree with your review. It is especially difficult justify going there if you are on the dining plan. I personally enjoy having a fixins bar with the nacho cheese at a counter service restaurant if I am going to eat a sandwich and fries.

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    To me, eating at the Plaza is all about the desserts! The sammitches are just an appetizer to one of their huge, delicious, ice cream-based delicacies!

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    We LOVED the plaza! We just ate there two days ago! We're not on the dining plan and are on a strict budget, and I saw the menu and thought "wow... I can pay $10 for a counter service meal, or $10 here and have a rest in the A/C with unlimited free water!". We loved our sandwiches and my bf's mom loved her salad (it was HUGE), and it was a welcome break to the heat of the day. We went for dinner but I guess if you really can't stand sandwiches/burger/salad for dinner then this place isn't for you. I would never use a dining plan credit on the Plaza though... just cause the prices are too low. It's perfect for what we needed though!

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    Re: The Galloping Gourmand is Perplexed by the Plaza Testaurant.

    I totall agree! Arguably the best sandwiches/burgers on property. Not for the dining plan though. We usually eat there on our last day when we are out of dining credits.
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