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Dining Discuss Gumbo at Port Orleans? in the Vacation Planning forums; I've seen a number of brief write-ups that say that you can get gumbo at one of the Port Orleans eateries. But none of the menus i've seen online list ...
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    Gumbo at Port Orleans?

    I've seen a number of brief write-ups that say that you can get gumbo at one of the Port Orleans eateries. But none of the menus i've seen online list this. Not sure if it was a typo elsewhere or just something that isn't covered in the menus.

    I know it's an odd request but I loved the gumbo i had in Disneyland a few years ago and i want to relive that Disney experience

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    Re: Gumbo at Port Orleans?

    They had it my last trip at Sassagoula Floatworks (counter service) at PO FC. It, in my opinion was not very good, very starchy. They list it as Chicken but it had sausage with a mega kick to it. It was far from the best that I have had. They closed their sit down restaurant which was excellent.

    Better choice is the Jambalaya at Boatwright's Dining Hall.

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    Re: Gumbo at Port Orleans?

    I can second that they do have gumbo at Sassagoula Floatworks at the POFQ, as of the last time I was there, which was December '09. However, I did not try it, so I can't say anything about how good, or how bad it was.

    However, I did try the Jambalaya at Boatwrights and I was not impressed. I like authentic Cajun food and this dish was a real let down. It was good a few years ago, but I think they've altered this dish for more sensitive tastes or for those that have never tried Cajun/Creole. I ate the dish and described it as "weak". I'm convinced they used Kielbasa in the dish instead of the traditional Andoullie, which is spicier. Having had this many years ago, I believe the portion size has also shrunk, and the presentation is one of being thrown together. They didn't even chop up the sausage, but rather left it whole on top of the plate.

    I think that those that don't like overly spicy food, or have never tried Cajun style cuisine before, might enjoy this dish and find it appealing, but if you're looking for authentic jambalaya I don't think this is place to get it.

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    Re: Gumbo at Port Orleans?

    I know this may seem obnoxious, but seriously, coming from a New Orleaniean, I must say... do not ever eat gumbo outside of New Orleans! Don't even eat it in North Louisiana. It's not the same!
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