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Dining Discuss Lunch with Imagineer alone? in the Vacation Planning forums; So this year, i discovered the lunch with an imagineer. I'd really like to go, but its a tad bit too expensive. my parents said that if i wanted to ...
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    Lunch with Imagineer alone?

    So this year, i discovered the lunch with an imagineer. I'd really like to go, but its a tad bit too expensive. my parents said that if i wanted to go by myself, than that would be okay.

    what do you guys think? would it be too awkward going alone? i know there are other families there, but it might still be weird.

    i might be able to rope my sister into coming with me

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    Re: Lunch with Imagineer alone?

    I have never heard of this dinner, but I bet it's totally worth it. Yes, I would feel a little out of place going by myself. I think it would be better if you brought a family member, but if that doesn't work, I would still go anyway. Yupp.
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    Re: Lunch with Imagineer alone?

    If this is something you want to do, I wouldn't let being alone stop you. It's a great opportunity to do something outside of your comfort zone!

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    Re: Lunch with Imagineer alone?

    Eric, we did this in April & it was fantastic. I went with other family members but in the future I wouldn't hesitate to do it by myself. It's in a small dining room with a limited number of guests so I'm sure you'd be able to get comfortable fairly quickly with the other diners. The Imagineer that's present makes sure everyone is included in the conversation. When my youngest starts college, I plan on making a trip solo & would definitely attend this event & I'm fairly shy when it comes to attending things alone. Hope you're able to attend.

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    Re: Lunch with Imagineer alone?

    What does the dinner cost? I've been attempting to collect autographs from the Imagineers lately, so this might be something worth looking into, price-pending.
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