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Poll: Which character meal is the best for breakfast out of the following?

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Dining Discuss Character Meal Choices in the Vacation Planning forums; Out of these three which character meal would you recommend?...
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    Character Meal Choices

    Out of these three which character meal would you recommend?

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    I voted for the Animal Kingdow one, but only because I've always had a great time there. It all depends on who is eating. If you have little girls, the heading over to Norway to eat with princesses would be a better bet. I've never done Cape May, but I am sure a lot of people here have.

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    We did Cape May every year with the kids we loved it!
    Lots of food and lots of character visits

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    I could only vote for the one I have been to.
    I thought Breakfastaursaurus was a great time with some good food.
    Needs a little work on their organization, however.

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    We did Cape May Cafe a couple years ago and the kids loved it. The beach wear the characters is in is also different.

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    Have never eaten at Akershus, but everything I've heard about it hasn't been good. My Parents and Brother's family ate there and didn't care for the food or service. can meet all the princesses (except for Cindy) there. We have eaten at Breakfastaursaurus and I cannot say that it was even close to being a favorite. Enjoyed having time with Donald though. So....I guess my vote has to go to Cape May!

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    I like Breakfastosaurus. It's in the parks, and many times it is not overly crowded, which yields more time with the characters. Plus, what's better than getting bounced around on Dinaosaur after you've eaten your fill of biscuits with sausage gravy, corned beef hash, pancakes, eggs, OJ, coffee, fruit? what's THAT doing on my plate??

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    Back in Michigan.....

    Not a choice, but...

    I realize I am not helping here, since it isn't an option, but...
    Crystal Palace!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    I enjoyed Cape May's buffet.
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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    I would like to say you “Perfectly Princess Tea Party” in Grand Floridian.

    We really love it and have a great time one year ago. The services and price were reasonable.

    There are lots of options for Disney’s character dining however I like PPTP.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    hey family (party of 9 including 1 4 year old, and 4mnth old baby) over thanksgiving week heding to wdw, we have a adr for the character meal at the graden grill at epcot for dinner (415pm) what are your thoughts? we really wanted chef mickey but we were too late in our booking. my nephew (4yrs old) is a huge mickey fan. let me know what you think

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    Of the three, we liked Askerhus best for the princesses and the cold salad bar, the entrees we did not find all that appealing. We have not done that meal however in quite awhile since they added the picture package and increased prices.

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    We enjoyed both Akershus and Breakfastasaurus, so it really depends on which Characters you like best.

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    I thought the Akerhsus was very well done. The food was decent, the characters spent a lot of time withour table and you get a nice photo package

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    Re: Character Meal Choices

    Breakfastasauras - great start to a day in Animal Kingdom

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