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Dining Discuss Getting to O'Hana (Part 2) in the Vacation Planning forums; So funny - I realized as I was about to post this that I have posted a similar thread before here . Different question this time though I swear! I'm ...
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    Red face Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    So funny - I realized as I was about to post this that I have posted a similar thread before here. Different question this time though I swear!

    I'm looking for some advice actually. I have a few different options in my head and there may even be others I'm not thinking of.

    The 3rd day of our trip is DHS day. That morning we have breakfast at O'Hana and dinner at Whispering Canyon. As is always going to be the case, we will have our own vehicle(s) with us.

    I'm thinking for the sake of getting to the rezzies on time, it's going to make the most sense for us to drive to the poly, then drive to DHS then drive to WL. Are there any other options that are reliable and don't require hopping from transportation to transportation? I know if we had managed to do O'Hana on MK or Epcot day that going monorail the whole way would be best (until we had to drive to WL) but that's not the case.

    Recommendations? Opinions?
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    Re: Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    Yeah I thinking driving is your best option.

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    Re: Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    Yeah....driving will be your best option.

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    Re: Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    It sounds like you're already leaning toward driving. So, I'd drive. If you took Disney transportation and anything slowed you up, you would be disappointed to say the least.

    Have a great trip!

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    Re: Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    DHS is a park we always drive our own vehicle. It is an easy in-and-out with your own vehicle. Definitely, drive your own car to DHS and your ADRs.
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    Re: Getting to O'Hana (Part 2)

    AK and DHS are definite must-drives. Especially since you mention having food reservations on the other side of property, it sounds like you've answered your own question.
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