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Dining Discuss Party for the Senses - pros vs cons in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello everyone~ Looks like I will be returning to WDW laster this year for the opening week of Food and Wine. I wanted to get everyone's opinion about the party ...
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    Party for the Senses - pros vs cons

    Hello everyone~

    Looks like I will be returning to WDW laster this year for the opening week of Food and Wine.

    I wanted to get everyone's opinion about the party for your senses? I haven't been to that party in a very long time. Do you think its worth it? It will be me and one other person who's first time to WDW was in May - but they're now hooked!

    Thank for your opinion!

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    Re: Party for the Senses - pros vs cons

    We went 2 years ago to the Party for the Senses. I LOVED it. We're going back for our anniversary this year and were debating whether we wanted to do Party for the Senses or perhaps a wine dinner. We picked Party for the Senses (which I'm going to shorten to's too long to type out every time!)

    This year there's going to be 3 different price brackets. One for normal admission, one for dedicated seating, and one for the Wine View Lounge. We're going to just stick to normal admission. We thought there were plenty of bar-height tables around that allowed for grazing a little better. Never had a problem if we walked up somewhere and there were people there if we wanted to share the table. It'll be interesting to see where that middle-price range falls to see if it's worth it to have dedicated seating. It could be worth it to some people who have trouble standing for long amounts of time. The Wine View Lounge I personally don't think is worth the extra money. You would basically get a goody bag, entrance 15 minutes earlier, dedicated seating and access to a full bar. With all the wine, beer & other drinks flowing at the PtfS normally, I don't see how anyone would want the full bar on top of that, seems a little excessive.

    Honestly, we have a fantastic time and think that PftS is worth every penny. There was only one dish that no one in our group liked, but it was so awesome to be able to try out some more exotic dishes. (Oh, yes, you need to be a more adventurous eater in order to enjoy PftS, should mention that.)

    The reason we're choosing PftS over a signature wine dinner is because I can't drink red wine and I feel like with the wine dinner, if I can't drink the red glasses, I probably won't see the value. With the PftS, almost every wine station had both reds and whites, so I was able to try just a little from all. (It was there that I discovered I love Argentina and New Zealand wines.) My husband loves reds so he took the advantage of trying all the reds. And they weren't $6 bottles pouring either. I'm talking some really nice wines.

    Anyway, let me know if you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them! Here's the review I wrote up for the Disney Food Blog:

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