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Dining Discuss Dinning Plan for Family of 4 in the Vacation Planning forums; Is the dining plan worth it for 7 days for a family of 4 (Mom,Dad,Sister(16),Me(19)?...
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    Question Dinning Plan for Family of 4

    Is the dining plan worth it for 7 days for a family of 4 (Mom,Dad,Sister(16),Me(19)?
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    Re: Dinning Plan for Family of 4

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFanNJ93 View Post
    Is the dining plan worth it for 7 days for a family of 4 (Mom,Dad,Sister(16),Me(19)?
    As the years go bye it becomes less and less of a bargain. Some like it because 2 meals are prepaid on the standard plan. It becomes a bargain if you eat dessert at both of your covered meals and you order a beverage.
    If you don't normally order a dessert, dollar for dollar you will likely come out ahead by paying out of pocket. Quick service desserts are nothing to right home about. Also if you go to a table service and your normal practice is to order water with your meal and now you get soda, it isn't really a bargain. Plus at table service you have to pay a tip on those desserts and pop that you might not have ordered otherwise and can boost the meal total up by $12-16 for beverages and upto $24 for covered desserts.

    So it is more your eating style, if you would eat all of it and order it on or off the dining plan, then it becomes worth it.
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    Re: Dinning Plan for Family of 4

    I agree with HauntedGabe.

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