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Dining Discuss Budget romantic lunch?? in the Vacation Planning forums; Hey guys. I'm a senior in my band and currently dating someone who's in it too. Our band is taking a trip to Disney for two days. One day we ...
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    Budget romantic lunch??

    Hey guys. I'm a senior in my band and currently dating someone who's in it too. Our band is taking a trip to Disney for two days. One day we play and the other is for us to enjoy. On that second day, I want to take my girlfriend to a nice restaurant for lunch. I want it to be semi romantic but I also can't spend a lot. Does anyone have any suggestions? It doesn't have to be in a park. Resorts are fine. Thanks!
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    Re: Budget romantic lunch??

    For a real budget idea: try Columbia Harbor House in the MK. Yes, it's a Counter Service, but if you head upstairs with your food, it's pretty quiet and you can sit by a window & look out over the park below (I like looking out over the Haunted Mansion.)

    There's Sci-Fi, where you can wind up in the back of one of the cars. Split a milkshake. Or Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club - not super romantic, but it's a fun atmosphere and there's great spots to go for a walk nearby.

    I really like Kona for lunch (well, any meal) but it's not super romantic. You could take her for a walk along the beach afterwards though.

    Sanaa is great if you're a little more adventurous over at the AKL. Lunch is great because since it's daylight out, you can actually see the animals on the Savannah.

    At Epcot - you need to be careful since a lot of restaurants have moved to an all day menu. I'd probably check out Chefs de France, Tokyo Dining & Coral Reef.

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    Re: Budget romantic lunch??

    Is the whole resort open to you or are you going to be restricted to only certain parts of the resort?

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