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Dining Discuss Mgm Dinning :( in the Vacation Planning forums; Although I do think there is good food there, it seems like it's hard to find good food from a non-reservation place. I also remember (and I'm assuming this has ...
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    Although I do think there is good food there, it seems like it's hard to find good food from a non-reservation place. I also remember (and I'm assuming this has changed) being there a few years ago, and all the non-reservation food places were closed at about 6pm, and only the reservation places were still open. That was kind of odd.
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    Ditto on the love of the Prime Time Cafe. The fried chicken is awesome. Other MGM restaurants are OK. Sci Fi has a great atmosphere, I will go there to eat but think of it as an "attraction" more than a good meal
    I have said it before, I still think in general the food at MGM is way better than the food at the Magic Kingdom, just my opinion. (But then I go to enjoy Fantasyland with my kids at the MK, not to eat, so it is OK by me!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TinkerBell702
    MGM Dinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone agree that it stinks. I have been to all but Brown Derby and so far I have been so disappointed!
    All WDW food is more about the atmousephere than haute cuisine in most family affordable places.
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    love 50's prime time!
    also, I like Rosie's - as far as fast food goes, no toppings bar, but decent burgers!
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    I probably won't eat there again, (The Brown Derby) it's a bit expensive for a student's budget.

    But the food and service was wonderful
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    We've been to both the SciFi and 50's Prime Time. Enjoyed both. The food didn't knock my socks off like O'hana or Boma, but still was good and the atmosphere at both were excellent. We enjoyed the 50's PT on our last visit when our server, "Mom", made the 20 something girl at an adjacent table eat more of her green beans. She put them on the fork, asked everyone to stick our arms out and make airplane noises while she "flew" the cargo into the girls mouth. Her boyfriend was in the restroom at the time so when he returned "Mom" did it all over again while he took a picture of it, much to the girls embarrassment! But everyone had a good time there. Also ate at the Hollywood and Vine for a character meal several years ago. I remember the food being good there as well. :mickey:
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    went to the sci fi diner the other day. The atmousphere was cool. Food was not the best but I think the overall experience was worth it
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    Being a student myself, most of my in-park dining is counter-service. And of all the parks, when it comes to counter-service food, MGM is the one that frustrates me the most.

    It seems like the majority of the counter-service options are outdoors. I don't mind heat and humidity for the most part. I'm not one to whine about it usually. But when it comes time to sit down and grab a bite, I don't want to be sweating into my food.

    ABC Commissary, one of the few indoor counter-service locations in the park, is disappointing in both their menu as well as the quality of the food. The options are limited, and the two times I've been in there recently, neither of the things I've ordered have been very good. The fish and chips doesn't offer enough food to feed a goldfish, never mind a 21 year old guy, and the burger I got the next time was falling apart, slimy, and kind of disgusting, totally unlike the decent sized, better assembled, and moderately tasty burgers I've gotten at places like Cosmic Rays (MK), Electirc Umbrella (EPCOT), and Resaurantosaurus (DAK). This goes to baffle me, because I would assume they are probably all recieveing the same or very similar supplies for many of these Disney counter-service locations. As to why one place can be so much worse than the rest all the time doesn't make sense in my opinion. I've never had the cuban sandwich, but my buddy ordered it last time. The "guts" of the sandwich were so sparse that he had to bite into it twice before he got anything other than a mouthful of bread.

    I haven't eaten at any of the real dining locations throughout the park in a long time, but I do have fond memories of dining at the 50's prime time with the family when i was younger. i remember lots of those "eat your vegetables or you aren't getting any desert" speeches, and i do remember some massive desserts. I've never eaten at the sci-fi, but i've seen pictures, and it looks like it would be a lot of fun. I just can't afford to eat at these kinds of places with the budget I have currently. I just wish MGM would do something about upping the quality of their counter-service locations to at least be up to par with the ones at its fellow parks.
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