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Dining Discuss Mickey's BBQ Verses Hoop Dee Doo in the Vacation Planning forums; Our next trip will involve our children and we do want to go to one dinner show. My question is which one do you think is best? Or What is ...
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    Mickey's BBQ Verses Hoop Dee Doo

    Our next trip will involve our children and we do want to go to one dinner show. My question is which one do you think is best? Or What is Mickey's BBQ like ? We have gone to the Hoop Dee Doo and I know they would like that one. Our kids should be 14, 11, 6, and 5 when we get to go (possible older). Just looking for input! Thanks.

    **disclaimer- I do know that things may change drastically by then but would like opinions based on recent visits. Thanks.

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    I've never been to Mickey's Backyard BBQ, in fact I don't know anyone who has so I can't give you any insight. I'm sure along with everyone else on here I love the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. It's so much fun. All the kids there seemed to love it just as much as I did,

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    Mickey's Backyard BBQ was alot of fun the characters danced with the kids and the adults lined danced. The food was very good.

    Never did the Hoop de Doo Reveue

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    Without a doubt, Hoop Dee Doo is much better. My 8 year old son enjoys the HDD show more and more every year. The backyard bbq has a country band playing, characters walking around, and dancing. If I remember correctly, the food was basically the same as HDD. We've been to HDD 4 times now and it's always our first Disney thing we do when we get to Orlando. The back yard bbq was really a one time only type thing for us. Interestingly, the red haired girl from HDD was also working at the bbq when we went. I would recomend the free nightly movies and campfire sing along with Chip and Dale instead of the bbq. :mickey:
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    I am guessing the backyard BBQ would be better for your two youngest children, since they get to meet the characters and all.
    I liked Hoop De Due, I didn't go with any children so I don't know what their reaction would be, but I thought it was pretty cute.
    But I guess in your situation I would vote for Mickey's BBQ for the simple reason that you haven't been there before. It's always great to try something new, then you could let everyone else know what you thought of it.

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    I like the Hoop Dee Doo a little better, I guess it all depends on your tolerance for country music. The Backyard BBQ has the characters, line dancing, and a country band. The Hoop Dee Doo is like an old west comedy show. The food is almost the same. Delicious, but nothing fancy.
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    i was at hoop dee doo a while back and i thought it was pretty cute, went with a camp group and we were all in your kids age ranges...everyone seemed to enjoy it!

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    We did the Hoop Dee Doo our first night in Disney. Both my children loved it (6 year old girl, 10 year old boy) My little girl was singing and dancing on her chair. She had a blast!!

    We stayed at the campground and every time we went by there and she'd hear them inside she'd beg to go back.

    We didn't do Mickey's BBQ, so I can't help you there, but I'd definitely recommend the Hoop Dee Doo to everyone.
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